Friday, February 6, 2015


I guess I will have passed like me, these days you noticed the amount of toys that build our children. Despite the amount of toys we give to others, we are still a bit saturated boxes, controls, parts, dolls ... Anyway, that they know how much I like order, the nightmare of all this imagine for me. So I've compiled a few good ideas to help us improve this topic. See if you like ....
Anyway, there are many options for organizing their rooms and games. You just have to use my imagination, and convince them that things are better abbadabbas sorted and are faster. And you shall count me if any of these has helped you. For my part I hope here tomorrow with more stuff and as we see in Instagram and Facebook. ** All the info on the pictures is on my Pinterest.
Hello! The truth is that it is good idea. The system consists of holding the car with magnets, are wooden sticks to magnets to be stuck and that the car has to be fastened metallic clear! And if you do not want liar therefore abbadabbas used the second option, buy magnetized strips to hold knife (Ikea has them) Hugs! Take Out
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