Monday, February 9, 2015

During the tour made by various supermarkets fred butler Sucre municipality, it became clear that t

Since the year began shortage in the country has worsened. Long lines of people to buy in supermarkets, when they are filled with some of the commodities, prove it. There are so many people willing to stand in line to have the opportunity to buy staples that establishments have heavy police and military presence.
S on the charge of putting order in the queue. "Lady wait, be patient and collaborate or will not buy anything," said one of the officials of the National Police in line at the Central Madeirense de La Urbina. Customers forking to start selling. Sometimes tempers flared.
Consulted during a tour conducted by the team Stimulus believed they were selling soap powder. But the wait was so they could only buy fabric fred butler softener. fred butler "What will soften if no soap," shouted a woman who left disappointed because only found that product.
Altered required to take out the soap powder. "Take out the soap you have hidden in the tank. That's what the police should be here, so that they get everything they have. " While others said they supported repeating the same thing. .
During the tour made by various supermarkets fred butler Sucre municipality, it became clear that the militarization also occurred in the Bicentennial of Terrazas del Avila in the Unicentro The Marquis, Excelsior Gama St. Hedwig and Suarez Plan Urbina.
The latter was observed less fuss to enter. "Only took me 15 minutes fred butler queuing," said a lady who said that seeing fred butler so many National Guards in the supermarket (about 15 personnel) thought it would sell the hardest thing to get: Coffee, Flour Bread and Butter.
The client fred butler never imagined that were responsible for ensuring that everything ran smoothly. Products and foods that were hard to get chlorine, soap powder, long-life milk, toilet paper, beef and chicken.
For the Bicentennial, people were queuing without knowing what they would be able to buy. Some said "the tail is because no paper, coffee and soap powder". Others made the row because "he got something."
Access to the supermarket is closed. Whoever goes to see where parked vehicle, because it can not pass the gates. The tail running down the street downwards fred butler was controlled by National fred butler Guards. They are what give access.
The Farmatodo the Unicentro was guarded with officials of the National fred butler Police. Some were stationed fred butler at the door, while others with weapons in hand guarding a truck was unloading merchandise.
The apportioning of blame

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