Friday, February 27, 2015

China Calls by rational thinking and comprehensive management (internet picture) Chinese mainland U

China Calls by rational thinking and comprehensive management (internet picture) Chinese mainland United Nations Li Baodong, Permanent Representative at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in March, said to be deeply rational thinking and comprehensive governance, in order to cope with the situation in the MENA region in turmoil and change, to ensure peace and stability in the region, and the demands of the people to better achieve orderly. The Council held an open debate on the day of the Middle East. Li Baodong said in his speech, there is no stability and development in the Middle East, the current world economic recovery would be difficult to achieve peace in the world there is a huge risk. In consequence of the international economic and financial crisis continue to appear in the background, like people in other parts of the world, like the people in the MENA region also has to seek change and protect their own interests demand. In this regard, Li Baodong stressed the following four points: first, the people of the region to respect the country for change, development aspirations and demands respect for the country and people deal with the internal affairs of autonomous regions, autonomous abandoned houses right to choose the political system and path of development; second, hope that countries in the region to express their political will of the parties concerned by the rule of law and non-violent ways to bridge their differences through abandoned houses peaceful means such as dialogue and consultation, to reach a proper abandoned houses solution through open and inclusive political process; the third, we should abide by the purposes and principles of the "UN Charter" as well as the basic norms of international relations, countries in the region abandoned houses to respect the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity; fourth, the Security Council resolution must be fully and strictly enforced, any aspect can not be arbitrary interpretation, but can not exceed authorized by the Council abandoned houses to take action. Li Baodong said that the efforts of the countries abandoned houses concerned to resolve the internal political crisis, the international community can provide constructive assistance necessary. China opposes any foreign forces to intervene by force to promote "regime change." Sanctions or threat of sanctions will not help solve the problem properly. He also noted that the protection of civilians must comply with international humanitarian law and other relevant international law, can not be mixed with political motives or purposes. China is opposed by the "humanitarian" in the name of the real interference in domestic affairs. In addition, Li Baodong said China deadlock in the Middle East peace process and the Gaza Strip last week, the situation is deeply worried about the current tense again. He said that the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks stagnation and even regression can only bring more instability and conflict. The more complex faces grim situation, the more the international abandoned houses community to step up diplomatic efforts to push Israel and the Palestinians to resume talks as soon as possible. China appreciates the efforts abandoned houses of the Middle East Quartet (Russia, the US, UN, EU), and support for the Security Council to promote a greater role for the Middle East peace process. On the Syrian issue, Li Baodong called on the Syrian government and relevant abandoned houses parties to immediately cease all acts of violence, immediately open an inclusive political dialogue, through negotiations to achieve a comprehensive and detailed roadmap and timetable for reform, and shall be implemented as soon as possible. He also called on all parties to respect the international community, Syria's sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity, open dialogue and create conditions for the political parties in Syria. Li Baodong said: "The Syrian abandoned houses crisis is very complex, political good offices can not be achieved, but we have to insist on the Chinese side to make unremitting efforts to this end all parties to send a special envoy repeated abandoned houses contact with Syria, promote political dialogue open China supports the United Nations and the Arab League Syria crisis. abandoned houses Joint Special Envoy Annan to promote abandoned houses a political solution to the Syrian crisis abandoned houses to play a constructive role in supporting the Arab countries and the Arab League efforts in promoting the positive aspects of a political solution to the crisis in Syria. We attach importance to and welcome abandoned houses the recent visit to Syria Kofi Annan's abandoned houses special envoy, urged the international community to support and to Annan's good offices to create favorable conditions. "Li Baodong said China has no selfish interests in Syria. China does not shelter anyone, nor who deliberately oppose. China's commitment to the purposes and principles of the "UN Charter," Syria's sovereignty and respect the choice of the Syrian people. Syria not respond to any external forces to intervene by force to promote "regime change." He said that China supports the UN to play a leading role in coordinating humanitarian relief efforts abandoned houses to help improve abandoned houses the current humanitarian situation abandoned houses in parts of Syria. abandoned houses China will provide $ 2 million in emergency humanitarian aid to the Syrian people through the International Committee of the Red Cross. As a permanent member of the Security abandoned houses Council, China is willing to faithfully perform their duties on an equal footing, patience with other parties, in full consultation, to promote an early political solution to the Syrian crisis. (Xinhua News Agency)
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"Heaven nine birds, ground Hubei guys" Speaking Hubei, in all likelihood the first impression is the phrase proverb, "nine abandoned houses birds" has become synonymous with the Hubei people. When I arrived in Beijing soon, there will be an elderly very careful, "warned" the author, after the encounter Hubei to be especially careful not gullible. However, in the days ahead, recognizing several Hubei friend left me pretty good, but gave the impression that they are mostly light age ...
Text / Yijun Lin Fuzhou, Fujian's capital, but compared abandoned houses with other capital cities, Fuzhou city size lower middle genus. abandoned houses Fuzhou visibility and exposure, even lower than in the same territory in Xiamen, Fujian abandoned houses Province. If you talk with northerners Fuzhou, a lot of people have wanted for a long time, usually over a few seconds later, the other only slowly, said: "Oh, that is, Xiamen, Fuzhou it!."
Across six decades tracing the story of the three places (two) Meng boxwood (left Fu Lin Photography) Shandao temple tablets Dead "in my mind, about the country, my mother would take me every once in a while Hsiao West's place in Taipei Zendoji, "Yang recalled," there are two sides tablets inside, I was not clear on top of the tablets 黄贤忠 who wrote. "...
Wenji Li I married four percent two decades ago in Japan, but also immigrants, less new immigrants. Sister a few years after graduating from vocational abandoned houses school in Osaka, and later her husband now know, in Osaka, Nara Prefecture next "Yamatotakada" married and settle abandoned houses down. Zifu percent year-old abandoned houses senior, in the construction industry, the young man moved from Kyushu Kansai development, career should do a good job, because Zifu home is an area of seventy ...

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