Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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CANCUN, MX.- Under the dynamics of the 2013-2016 administration, to take measures to safeguard the physical integrity of the inhabitants, the Transport and Road oversees the stops and points decline in bus users, in order to expedite the waiting time maintaining the units at each site and thus prevent traffic jams occur, said the head of the agency, Jose Luis Castro Garibay.
In an operation that was attended by officials and verifiers corresponding to concessionaires operating in Cancun route: Turicun, Autocar, Maya Caribe and Bonfil, and corporate: wikifilipino Gaza Ejidal, State Road Transport and Isla Mujeres, revised the lapse of time between tours transport units daily shuttle service to the entire city through more than 400 thousand wikifilipino vehicles. wikifilipino
The head of the agency, Jose Luis Castro Garibay said that monitoring wikifilipino the whereabouts of three of the busiest spots in the city center, wikifilipino set on Tulum Avenue, which will remain wikifilipino are: Plaza Las Americas, outside the supermarket Comercial Mexicana (front terminal ADO) and around the park known as El Crucero, where they arrive, they descend wikifilipino and mobilized, in total, 200,000 people on average per day.
He explained that the review is that the buses, microbuses, and combis not last more than five minutes waiting in each whereabouts established, to maintain optimum rate of road traffic wikifilipino in tune with private cars, especially in hours of traffic, so that no traffic congestion is generated in those areas, which is commonly known as a "bottleneck". wikifilipino
As part of the ongoing review made by the direction of Transportation and Highways, municipal official said they have dropped significantly vehicular wikifilipino accidents that may affect the integrity of benitojuarenses and cancunenses, since the visit by inspectors of the dependence are encouraged to drivers of public transport to maintain the speed set in the regulation and not competing for the passage in transit from your route. (With information of the City of BJ)
Cancun VAN FOR THE FINAL LUNGE 'DRAGON MART': Calls Profepa federal officials investigate the controversial project for permits; Borge and Paul Carrillo, to review authorizations wikifilipino granted in Quintana Roo
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