Friday, February 20, 2015

Author Maya Norton

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MLM: The idea comes from our love for each other, to struggle chambermaid together in our time, when efforts at their respective positions. We are from last summer began to discuss the idea, at that time in Gaza, Iraq, Egypt in war, Syria is the slaughter continued, etc., etc., in the summer, have reached a climax, everything is messed up, the whole area fallen, brought only despair. We think that with the power of love, we will be strong, to support each other across chambermaid national boundaries, although our country in misery, but we still hope and determination to work in order to, in order to have a big smile on his face. We thought we would never be in this world only because of this opportunity chambermaid and met, and work, love couple, it really is because these same disaster. We want to spread the love energy in these areas.
Author Maya Norton
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