Tuesday, February 17, 2015

About this breakneck pace that is taking in Holland, Santos confessed that power sharing in a modul

What at the time seemed only a possibility, can now become a reality for Christian Santos striker came on Sunday the country to resolve all documentation relating to its Venezuelan process and power and be option for technical Noel Sanvicente in selection national.
"I am very glad to be stepping on my land again, were already 20 years without coming and of course I am very happy to be here," were the first words Santos said after his arrival at the airport in Maiquetía. "We are trying to realize milford ct everything related to my papers, so allow me to be with the Vinotinto" said the striker, who will spend three days in the country milford ct to pull out both the certificate milford ct and the Venezuelan passport. milford ct
While already having all their documentation in order Santos will play with the selection, it is clear that this does not guarantee its announcement, however its good performance today and you're milford ct having with your computer, the NEC Nijmegen second Dutch , make a faithful candidate milford ct to be in the next America's Cup, if the premise of what the coach asks to be called milford ct one of the possible remains.
Beyond the names, Sanvicente milford ct has made clear on numerous occasions that the player without regularly not see minutes, do not give up, will not be option, at least for this America's Cup; in the case of Christian Santos striker fully complies with each of the requirements under "Chita"; continuity, rhythm and goals, support its present and its great footballing moment, one of the scorers of his team with 11 goals, on Friday kept his last goal in the suitcase before reaching the country.
"I come fulfilling what the coach asks to receive the call. I being the owner, I am getting the goals and making assists, of course it is also important rhythm that come having "analyzed Santos, who added that his only intention is" to support the selection and put my two cents " to achieve the objectives.
Certainly, the possibility that Christian Santos can be in the selection generates high expectations, especially for the fact that he would be arriving a player who can contribute much if your present is concerned, and if you take into account that in the front are counted those records Saints this season.
About this breakneck pace that is taking in Holland, Santos confessed that power sharing in a module selection, look closer the possibility of wearing the burgundy shirt, it was important to him jerk, "it milford ct helped me a lot, gave me a lot mood; from there I started to score goals, "although he acknowledged that the goal is in their DNA. "Anyone who knows me, who follows my career knows I'm a player who always has a goal, I always try to keep improving and working to overcome my records," he said.
For now, Santos will focus on legal status, left in the hands of Sanvicente possible call, but while that time comes, he will "work hard, trying to score goals and overcome my numbers", hoping milford ct to "take the opportunity" be a viola. milford ct
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