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A pop popping ride and thought it would neat to hear footsteps in the dark carpet is silence, it, a

What will bring out how to spark it
"This is Songnai, the" boy in front of a girl with the angelic pupil said: "I hope u will like." Then the boy ran away, leaving a hand holding a wool scarf girl watching Leng Leng him away, along with a faint mouth smile. That day, the boy in confession to his favorite girl and courage, she was fascinated by her innocent personality, crazy for her charming eyes; the boy understands that he has to get back the lost girl in the river of love in a heartbeat while the girls are in the way of life of love that he shimmer. Like most boys, girls, white skin, and can meet her at this year's White Christmas, the love of his departure signals.
Girls in this year's Christmas came here, boys are attracted to a pair of green eyes; because one eye - reveal the endless tendea deep melancholy and the most gorgeous - and so she captivated. Girls always wanted to be close to him, but the boy but did not notice her presence, silently tendea walked over from her. The girl had enough of waiting, tired of the taste of unrequited love, so she was waiting for the bus when the boy, the boy's cheek boldly fall in a lipstick. Strange to say, the boy felt a beautiful tendea snow fall and landed on his cheek; and he turned around, he saw a girl with white skin stood beside him, smiling shyly. From this moment, the girls feel their synchronized breathing, the same kind of love affair, quietly sprouting in their hearts.
"There are no empty u tonight? I think about u go out." Confessions of a few days later, the boy about the girl out of the courage, the courage of the disappearance of children ran an opening was filled with child, except tendea the shy at in mind spinning. Good girl very happy surprise, he suddenly felt the eyes of the boy is the first actress, so she agreed. Boys and girls came to the restaurant, he ordered two martinis rock girls tasted the beverage shocked, never knew this sweet little drunk, she now feels like love in mind. The boy saw her look intoxicated, could not help but be amused to know the girl he is in his life galaxy queen, the most precious and unique treasures. Then try the donuts girl with hot cocoa, hot cocoa, but suddenly hot temperatures arrived, leaving the boy surprising thing is that the girls are hot cocoa dripping delicate fingers slowly disappeared. The girl cried, suddenly tendea out of the restaurant, tendea leaving tendea a look of helpless boy sat there; tendea however, tendea he did not hesitate for too long, paid the money to chase the girl out to the ice and snow.
"Such as the end of this winter, I can not stay in your side." Tears oozes girl said to the boy. The boy could not believe the girl say, he does not believe it will be a first love is easy cold fireworks ending, do not believe the girl's tendea view of love is just a hoax. He flustered, and suddenly feel like a smoke ring girl like lace uncertain. "You do not think I'm tendea vain," the girl said with tears: "My love is like Miss Big Island, like the retro romantic love, love you like a boy; but I can not stay on your side." Girl heaved a mouthful cold air, hope those in front of the Christmas tree, said: "I am the snow comes, will be with the snow away from each Christmas, I hope my beloved boy enjoying the Christmas tree, thank you realize my. wish. "The boy realized that the girl will leave him, like a hellish torture fell from heaven. Then the boy took a wire-bound notebook from his backpack and handed the girl: "If you can, write down Naixiang tell me, regarded it under the Christmas tree every year, I will see." tendea Then he said: "next year We then take a look at the Christmas tree in the summer to see u favorite tendea Christmas tree, I would have been waiting for u, "the girl smiled and said:" You're so silly, so cute ....... " Slowly, the boy can not see the girl's tendea figure, it was the last time he saw the girl's smile, that beautiful smile so lost in a snowflake in ......
That was three years ago, and after that, he gave the boys have not found the girl's notebook in the Christmas tree. Every year in the summer, the boy put a Christmas tree specially decorated to a very beautiful, romantic, wholeheartedly hope that women can see, "Maybe I was too naive it!" The boy always say that, because he never forget, he only loved the girl is like his personality stupidly naive. tendea This year's winter, he waited for the girl as usual gifts under the Christmas tree - that this old old wire-bound notebook, with a mind journeying alone guarding colorful Christmas tree.
"Waiting, Mina!" The man brilliant smile, sweet shoulder draped Mina, can not do so to the My Fair Lady responded with a smile, she leaned a look, do with sad eyes, a surge wild berry wine incense around the fugitive, which is a gentle hint, add some drunk for this scam.
Mina post new boyfriend back twenty-five hours before tonight micro Yin's halo is the symbol of the pub at closing one hour before the show there will always be games arena, before the opening, the men were drinking cherry wine fiancee's private wine and today it is the secret guest Mina, elegant tendea footsteps on stage Tap has caused, Crystal Dangle earrings shining tendea light in Joan moving, beautiful party thing, love shimmer spilled when the curtain call on, man can not help but in love with her, said to be captured too. Lighting of a fall, are like to be driven by a gorgeous subconscious and into the background to their confession, very explicit, as possessed wildly crazy flatter, appreciated her find any and advantages not found, the thought was a joke Mina words, that gradually melted by hot words, the two age but twenty backing, ambiguous in each other's lips drift explore thorny stimulation. Long road, wandering tired, long night, the woman tears, and Aventure but both of them vodka, retouch two lonely, the way it ends ......
Get hold of you, at the moment I was so tempted, hold you, at the moment I was so relieved, then cold night, after all can not freeze time, to find the missing heartbeat, eager tenderness, and no vessel can hold.

"You find, oh, Diamond Candy." tendea Sure enough, or Allie Ti responded to my expectations, as did the first meeting to the sweet, juicy big eyes Angel pupil, poor as ever, the only difference is also the first time I saw are u ...... tears or called Diamond Candy. Really cruel ...... a year wandering, and finally back to 0:01 cm away, whom you want to find something I was actually u heartbreak, too bitter to use this as a wedding keepsake sugar, I lost.
A pop popping ride and thought it would neat to hear footsteps in the dark carpet is silence, it, a private detective, is not she, private detective Nana, flashing a pink sequin-like feathers, wearing a neck golden tag inscribed with "little fox 38 degrees private detective Nana" Nana stepping elegant pace, quickly through the hotel corridors, after determining no one around, she flashed a twisting corner, obviously in front of the empty, Nana has hit something, "Oh!" she exclaimed, in addition to Nana's voice, another tendea voice sounded "right ...... I'm sorry, Nana ......" Nana given to God in the air, Sound masters looked slowly tendea emerged yellow body "really is u ah, Sasha." appears tendea in front of Nana is a pale yellow snow mink, the body tag inscribed "Linguists Sasha Nana assistant "Sasha's ability is invisible, but as her name, she is the language at home, you can get the object does not reveal tendea intelligence from the language object of Nana's career, is the ability to good use. Unfortunately, Sasha's ability to slow her almost binary, and sometimes even get valuable information she did not know, so Nana headache, always relying on the memory of Nana developed necklace can be obtained intelligence Sasha tune out look.
Nana put into secret corners Shaxia tendea La "Well, Sasha, u investigation going on? That there find out who ordered two rock gem slippers cherry martini it?" Sasha shook his head, but would like for a moment, and suddenly became very excited, "There! I crocodiles and cats found that bar a little something." He spoke, Sasha carry out two things tendea from the inside the bag she was carrying, as is the memory of Nana necklace, another thing is a little bright colors feather fan, Nana surprised to see that the fan "from where u got this!" she grabbed a fan, come up with a vintage bag from his pipe, after the fire ignited, to fans spit a smoke ring, strange is that this old-fashioned pipe smoke ring lace smoke ring, said to have been through what it will be significantly tendea Xianchuyuanxing, Sasha staring smoke ring wear Guo fan, then the moment, the whole of the sub-feather fan disappeared, leaving in the hands of only a handful of feathers Nana, Nana which summarized feather coat with exactly the same, "This is not your feathers ...... it?" Sasha was surprised and said, Nana will be stained with a little feather, "Roselle clouds," "This used to glue the feathers of ancient animal medicine, and now it is still very useful." Nana body shook, fluffy feathers immediately into a perfect arc, "Sasha, tendea Say , where u get this for? "Sasha tilted his head, handed out memories necklace" I forgot ...... "Nana sighed, open the memory necklace.
Memory necklace beginning screen is very vague, Sasha should be in the running, and then the screen tend static, standing in front of Sasha wearing a black hooded creature, the creature is probably wearing dark blue clothes, why is probably it? Because in the micro submerge the halo, in the reflection in the lake, can only see a faint blue. However, tendea in a blue, and Nana saw a hint of purple, it is Nana never forget the color, "Nicole!" Nana Nicole is still "two-sided goddess' Detective Agency internship companion, is a very beautiful purple wolf hair, Nana with her feeling very much better, they would have to open a detective agency together, Nana even want a good name, called "beautiful party thing" and their image is very fit.
Last day charter ceremony, Nicole does not appear, Nana also found their feathers were cut away a big one, there is a magic feather fox, after which you can get the Body, as well as other features, Nana is very sorry, from that day onwards her magic also drop a lot, but with careful practice by Nana, finally set up their own detective agency, also received this stupid apprentice Sasha. But this time appeared ...... Nicole is how? Nana had forgot how long. Then 拨放 memories, Sasha perspective trembling slightly, the picture came the voice of Sasha growl, tendea then Nana saw Sasha toward Nicole, then blurred, every time Sasha lose control, memories necklace not useful. Nicole Nana old faces come to mind, always gentle tendea on Nana Nicole, would make such a thing, how are reluctant to believe that she would like. Nana a moment lost in memories, until Sasha's voice called her back to reality, "the older generation, Nicole Who?" Nana blinked, the memories returned Sasha necklace "She is my memories. Yes,妳說 in crocodile with a cat? "
"Er er, I like to see the tag on the neck before the chase." Sasha hand touched the tag, Nana felt very strange, Sasha Nicole winning and how could it? How to say, even crazy state Sasha, ability and should not be said, then the teacher is "imaginary division" Nicole ah, Nicole's ability to predict the other's next, but if Sasha use stealth, tendea which capacity will be offset off? But at least get back feathers, Nana comforting thought. Nana feel the energy running across the body, which over the years has been showing a dark color like cherry wine eyes, finally changed tendea back to the original bright pink gold, the ability to hide for a long time Nana slowly back to her body, her mouth open satisfactory tendea spit flicker of a flame, until Nana fully recovered, she will be able to spit fireballs toxic, it is particularly high body temperature as fox species - special ability "sweltering", so the ability to even Sasha never seen it.
"We are also investigating the incident thieves steal treasure it?" Sasha asked, flashing her feathers Nana "Of course, stole my feathers, but this is a serious crime." Sasha exposing excited smile, "but also to solve the case it? Holmes. "Nana's eyes shining with strong light," I need a London apartment keys, see if I can open this big scam. "Sasha nodded," Leave it to me! predecessors, will not let you down ! "Then Sasha is disappearing before our eyes from Nana, Nana induction after Sasha left, they would continue the current investigation, the Christmas tree will be stolen in the summer, is simply a signal Well, it 's you, right? Nicole, tendea this is a big joke to me reminisced gift u ah.
When Nana hand investigation ended, she went to Fontaine Square VII and Sasha to join, and then spray the front of the pool and other agreed a long time, did not see Sasha in sight, but also see her induction in the vicinity, Nana began to observe four weeks, and she was found in the inner wall of the fountain keys stick with tape and Sasha memories necklace, Nana quickly Bofang memories, only to see Sasha in the fountain in front of waiting, tendea and then from the fountain, emitting a hint of purple smoke, hooded Nicole appeared, Nicole's men, those spiders, Sasha quickly surrounded, and then the film is blurred. tendea This key is Nicole deliberately left it, Nana holding keys, quickly toward the north. After arrival, Nana open a door to the old, this place is Nana castle before practice, she has been a teacher there in this key deposit, this special tendea let Sasha help her recover.
Directly toward the door after Nana old clock, opened the cupboard beneath, she saw a map, with no dust letter letter, apparently tendea had just put in, and she opened the letter read, "Nana, long time no see . By the way, tell you a good news, u lovely disciples tendea that are not used, but I did not move her Well, even if I did not make any sense to absorb her, but not the same u tonight to see me, with I want something, I 等妳 in the old place. Nicole, "Nana letter pinch rotten thrown aside, tendea to continue to explore the cupboard with her magic after induction, Nana opens a secret tendea door, she took out a bag from the inside things, that the teacher had given her a certificate, as well as Nicole. Nicole did not come that day, the teacher certificate to Nana and told her, I

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