Monday, January 12, 2015

What a fantastic termopan evening! Being able to walk out of the hotel, down the beach and straight

What a fantastic termopan evening! Being able to walk out of the hotel, down the beach and straight out in such a fine underwater environment. Perhaps because the project is in the village of Pemuteran, on the protection of coral reefs. So on the beach were forced to use various in and ascension zones to protect the reefs.
We have it so wonderfully, wonderfully well! Fun to be on a mini-roadtrip addition. And Bali's west side offers many quaint villages and coral reefs here just off the beach in Pemeturan are enormously beautiful. A slight favorite in Bali, I think it may be. :) Camera ... I have my big camera (Canon EOS 5D Mark II) I have a vattenhus to. Then even a compact termopan camera from Olympus, μ 770 SW, which is shock and water resistant down to 10 meters. Very handy as a "hard-on bout camera". But the Olympus work best under water, above the country termopan has some less, so that it is tough and slow. September 27, 2010 06:00 Vicky said ...
Yes, I understand that you have the wonderful, it can not be mistaken when you see all the beautiful places you visit now :) Aha! But are you not worried that underwater housing will leak with an expensive camera in there? We broke down a sub underwater camera on first use when we were in Thailand termopan last winter. It was not tight and the warranty did not apply. Really hard. They claimed the Cyberphoto that we had gotten dirt into the battery cover and then applied not guarantee, grrrr :( Is so hungry for a vattenhus to our little canon s90. But you might'll bet you a vattenhus to system termopan camera instead ?! What have you for example on water house and are you happy with it? Have the Best! September 28, 2010 05:53 Christine said ...
Obviously I'm worried that underwater housing will leak. Yikes! It would be a nightmare! But I have a proper insurance that I know covers. Water house I have to big camera is an EWA-MARINE D-BXP100. Tested down to 50m, but I have had it on 20m depth when we dived on the wreck Liberty. And deep down, the camera never again. But water the house worked perfectly, not a drop of water had entered despite the enormous pressure / depth. I would recommend buying a vattenhus to your Canon S90. It will be much smoother and easier. Guaranteed more appreciated! Dykhuset Ewa-Marine is large, cumbersome, messy and it is extremely difficult to maneuver the camera in it (basically impossible, so all settings should I do before termopan on land). September 28, 2010 17:49 Vicky said ...
Christine is my name, is 33 and has a great passion for traveling, photography and surfing. So this blog is active at precisely those times when I am enjoying life as absolute most, and looking around the world. There are two places that I and my husband Bjorn especially passionate about; Bali and Costa Rica. We have lived one year in Bali, Indonesia, and returned several termopan times. Several months we have also vacationed termopan in Costa Rica and never seem to get enough of that country either. 2013, we were married at sunset on a beach in Thailand which was followed by a period in Sri Lanka. This year we have spent the month of February termopan in Nicaragua, the month of March in the neighboring country of Costa Rica, and 1.5 weeks in the US. I have also been on a weekend both Nice and Hawaii. The latter to go to my brother's wedding. And our next big trip wears off in February 2015, back to our beloved Bali again and also to visit some other Indonesian termopan island.
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