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Perfumes clean power finance contain phthalates cause fetal fear infertility? Perfume bottles, colorful nail polish, so that women are more beautiful weapon, but be careful if you use too much, inside contained phthalates may cause the womb of fetal abnormalities, increased future child grew up in the risk of infertility. Not just women affected, due to a toxic phthalates clean power finance environmental hormones, under long-term exposure, will reduce the number of male sperm, affect fertility. Phthalate most commonly occurs in perfumes, lotions and plastic products, to let the aroma of perfume is more durable, plastic ductility better, but harmful to the human reproductive system, but also long-term accumulation in the body. EPA has listed it as the first class of toxic chemicals, toys add to prohibit children under three. The Department of Health also disable add in cosmetics, perfumes, nail polish. Once the import and sale of seized clean power finance industry will face severe clean power finance punishment according to law. What phthalates phthalates refers phthalate (Phthalate acid) esterified derivatives, is the most common plastic industrial plasticizers. Phthalates in the ordinary and the industry has been widely added to the polymer plastic products, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene clean power finance (PP), foam, can also be added to the adhesives, coatings, inks . Also applies to carpet padding, insect repellents, hair spray, nail polish and rocket fuel. Currently around the world have also established norms for phthalates in order to reduce phthalates clean power finance cause further harm to the human body, existing national regulations are summarized as follows: the EU, 1999/815 / EEC Directive 1999 published instructions placed clean power finance in the mouth of children aged polyvinylchloride (PVC) related to children's toys and related products, the six plasticizers may not exceed 0.1% of the limit (six plasticizers for: DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DNOP). December 27, 2005, the EU issued a new directive 2005/84 / EC requirements are as follows: all toys and childcare articles, the content of DEHP, DBP and BBP shall not exceed 0.1%. All children can be placed in the mouth toys and childcare clean power finance articles, the content of DINP, DIDP and DNOP shall not exceed 0.1%. United States, California, in February proposed ordinance AB 1108, is expected to be January 1, 2009 began, their requirements are as follows: all toys and childcare articles, the content of DEHP, DBP and BBP shall not exceed 0.1%. All children under three years old can be placed in the mouth toys and childcare articles, the content of DINP, DIDP and DNOP shall not exceed 0.1%. Denmark, in addition to six with the above content requirements specified in the EU, but for less than three years old children toys and childcare articles used, any one of the other phthalates content shall not exceed 0.05%. Taiwan, DEHP, DBP, DMP has been listed as the fourth class of toxic chemical tube Substances Control; DNOP were first class tube toxic chemicals. Links: http: // www / ch / aioshow.aspx? busin = 324 & path = 1882 & guid = e1db0f5b-98b7-4189-a39b-14084ac054b3 & lang = zh-tw The above information is for reference only, if in doubt please refer to the regulatory text based. Always above information, travelers do not recommend buying unknown or night markets, street vendors of counterfeit goods, in order to avoid getting a cheap but hurt the body, in a certain regulatory restrictions, as long as the origin of the goods need to be inspected are properly qualified, qualified Goods can feel at ease to use.
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ANNA SUI (3) Avril Lavigne (1) BOSS HUGO (1) Burberry (3) BVLGARI (1) Calvin Klein - cK (7) Chanel (7) Chloe (1) David Beckham (6) Dior (4) DKNY (1 ) DSquared2 (1) DUNHILL (1) Elizabeth Arden (2) Estee Lauder (1) GUCCI (2) Harajuku (1) Hello Kitty (1) JLO Jennifer clean power finance Lopez (2) KENZO (1) LANVIN (1) LV (1) Narciso Rodriguez (1) Paco Rabanne (1) Paul Smith (1) Prada (4) Sean John (1) Tommy Hilfiger (1) Trussardi (1)
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