Thursday, January 29, 2015

Last year, she bought two cotton sweater, no buttons, to wear cis draped in front, good looking, ha

Following bikini storm, or from time to time it is necessary for the mother and daughter quarrel servicon clothes. This is not because they have bought new clothes, but to throw clothes and noisy.
Last year, she bought two cotton sweater, no buttons, to wear cis draped in front, good looking, had just bought a gray, as well dressed with, went back to buy a brown. These two are still very new sweater actually servicon are Juanyi ranks. I asked why not, she said, could match the clothes are donated out, so do not need to wear a sweater top. How can such an argument? I said, originally gray and brown color is a good match, servicon buy any new clothes can be equipped with the fishes, she even corrected me: "white, not gray." Obviously not the focus of the discussion, but also to debate with me, let I have a gas rushed to the forehead. I said: "The two pieces continue to wear, are not allowed to donate." It took two sweaters on the bed and continue to turn down. Soon they saw the summer camp to send a T-shirt, why do it? She said: "I would not wear." I said: "? Good T-shirt, servicon even if the school does not want to wear, weekend wear, pajamas when so why waste all OK," I know with children should speak the sake of discussion, do not jump to Under comments, for example, lazy waste of adjectives, but a fit of anger, I always forget. With soft curled his lip, said: "I just do not wear." I said: "At servicon the time you go to summer camp this T-shirt to wear uniforms, we fear a dirty easily, but also buy a one, but you wear season do not it? "Then it feels that she has thrown a few pieces of T-shirts to bed. Sophie would like to donate to see a piece of clothing was rejected mom, not happy, and turned to walk out. I was angry to her shout: "You servicon come back to me to tell you why not donate it!." She said: "Anyway, you finally decide, I will not say that you are going to get Jiuhaola, no I stayed. "Then it went downstairs.
This is not the first time I decided to reject her, but before she at least listen to me explain why, even if not happy, I also have the opportunity to express reasons servicon for the refusal, this is the first time she ignored my argument. Two years ago, I found only willing to soft clothes to wear their own choice, so long she does not participate servicon in the election process servicon of clothes, servicon is only responsible for the number and price controls. Only this time found that even like the clothes, but she wore a year will actually want to eliminate, even told me that the debate servicon is donated to people in need, not discarded. I said, you may want to donate, I will not buy you a new sweater. But two in a fit of anger, servicon such threats have no effect.
Later, my colleagues and I chatted about this matter. He has two daughters, have been to college. Since the middle school kids, they give their children pocket money to cover their needs, such as clothes, shoes, etc., only school supplies or money from parents. So what children want to replace clothes, what to buy new clothes, are their own decision, but because of the limited deposit, this dress overpaid, you have to save somewhere else. This will not only teach children to control the balance of payments, but also eliminates the interference of parents quarrel. I listened very heart. Later, talking servicon to her sister, because she is so trained Han Han, so she has a good income even now, with money still has not changed the attitude. I recommend talking with colleagues V and sister, he also agrees.
And to this day I went for a walk with a dog Sophie, took the opportunity to ask her advice. I heard pocket money will increase, but also need to decide how to buy supplies, of course, very welcome. But she disturbed asked: "Then I have to buy their own toothpaste, toothbrush it?" I smiled and clarified: servicon "Your own pocket money to spend on items such as clothes, shoes, servicon iTune, or your favorite snack everyone else to be used for daily necessities, such as toilet paper, shampoo, etc., we will buy it. But if you want to buy more special soap or shampoo, it is their own money. "gouring fine with soft eyes a turn, said: "! Then I can use their own money to buy nail polish Hello" make-up or not too often that we were arguing the topic, I always feel young natural is beautiful, but to a lot of people classmates soft makeup, she naturally, servicon want, mother and daughter in this topic is always endless see-saw, servicon and she heard her autonomy, immediately direct attack on my Achilles Heel.
In fact, I had to consider before. Let in soft autonomy, there are many benefits, but for me, the hardest thing will be granted control over thirteen years of release. After all, the best way to learn is to make mistakes after their own adjustments. servicon If she spent too much money in some way, the next time you need to know to save money elsewhere, such lessons are not allowed to buy more than a mother forced memories. If she wanted to buy cosmetics, as long as the economy is in its scope, I did not say over the room. So I'm a deep breath and said: "You own money, to decide how to spend." After listening to soft mouth raised high, elated, I have to pat her shoulder: "Do not be happy too early, mom have veto power, if you buy clothes exposed navel, I can tell you put it back in. "Sophie made to face, between Meijiao do is smile.
Heard her mother say you can buy nail polish to withdraw servicon on their own after a soft ride to the drug store near our house, a visit to visit for a long time. When she came back, hands grasping a handful of small jar, from mascara to nail polish, everything. I was in front of computer office thing, looked at her and asked: "How much money?" She said, tongue out: "I did not think so then I will not buy expensive servicon yeah so much," very clever no positive Answer my question. I asked: "Is there a receipt to get it back?" She said: "I have lost," I'm a deep breath, do not forget his new role should servicon not be too long-winded, but can not help but remind her: "There servicon are two functions Receipt : If you regret it, you can return in addition, there are specific according to your bookkeeping easy way "to supple from said:" I know, "although in the end she would like to know how much was spent, or will the other. then swallow back. We said we'd learn her own, you have to let her real experience.
That night with soft finger painted bright orange nail polish, let me see the very habits; Baba smiled and said: "You know what people will do nail polish baseball catcher, pitcher servicon to let see? sign, are painted so bright nail polish. "Later, he also called the front of the TV with soft, yellow nails look Giants catcher. A few days later, we went to a piano lesson, the teacher could not help but laugh, said: come home to after a soft grinning with Baba said, "your fingers look really clear, good light ah!": "Painted nail polish, fingers or flat wrong, and what was the teacher caught out of it. "was originally a symbol of beauty, is a showstopper these adults become the source of jokes, with Sophie Johnson will not think we're it?
I found that after Sophie had to make the decision to own a lot of heart to relax, do not care about everything servicon related to her. However, this form of education, and I grew up in a very different process. There used to be pocket money, hungry after school to buy bread, or students buy birthday gifts. School uniforms, most of the weekend at home, do not need much in plain clothes, so rarely spend any dispute with their parents. I did not expect to soft thirteen years old, they begin to spend her abruptly split, a man so separated from each other, so I have some sense of loss. I told V that I did not expect this so early oriental mom actually implement such a Western education. V said that Western education is not so much, as it is modern education, the environment and the needs of her, and thirty years of my different, naturally can not be used at the time of the approach to, or only an acceleration of the conflict.
Banzhu reply: saying, nail polish wipe these days, I did not ask why. Now learn some comments in my heart, do not read too much, so-called "pick my battles". Just do not give me a tattoo like. Oh. Material desires we all have, but to live within its means, I hope this budget exercise, can have long-term effects. Let us go Look at Hello.
Let pocket money to soft themselves, and this is great way to start the money received is delighted, and would like to only buy, to end into a "moonlight clan", the money will slowly begin to dominate the concept and planning, servicon to soft very smart, after several experiences, u will see good results. Every time I see between parents and children have a large, skirmishes, always glad that they do not need to deal with this situation, because I did not respect the wisdom of that, plus growing up in a strict family education, in the face of Western Catholic Education , adults servicon and children among the victims there will be no small conflict, I ..... still dogs, cats relatively easier. : D
Banzhu Reply:> may occasionally along the (heart) logic to go ... This is what I recently learned: not too fast, said No. One day I found to be soft to wear flip-flops (flip-flops) to go to school - - cycling to school. I said: "This is not convenient, right?" She said that many students wear flip-flops to school, although I do not agree, but insisted servicon she did not replace him. After the results of the day, so she would never go to school, must have been found inconvenient. servicon I insisted she go to school than there Huanxie effect. Therefore, "say rather not say," is my recent "consciousness." Gordon is very cute, oh, then you can imagine the expression. Oh.
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