Thursday, January 1, 2015

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Health Consultant for the past seven years, my foundation on Sturebadet in Stockholm, collaborates with Baby Group, leads and trains housework in WORKOUT. Works with dietary housework advice. I started this blog when I got pregnant it was my first pregnancy, which has been an exciting adventure where I was both delighted and terrified soul;) Now I've housework got my lovely princess and will be blogging about health; about exercise and nutrition and how you can easily combine your new life as a mother and parent and still be able to take time to train and prepare nutritious food and enjoy life! Exciting, is now starting a new life, you want to come along on my journey and also get lots of tips on yours? Take a look at my blog and spread it to other moms;)
Time to cruising off to Kungsholmen back to Laila and Water house, housework we will start running vattengymping there in the spring so I went there and introduced myself and ran a passport with all the beautiful pregnant girls;) They were right on and bounced around o the water and did great and I liked to run workouts housework there, it has been really nice and fresh and Laila are professional so she can easily make the room a success. We'll see what cooperation we come up with, but it can get a little events and movies and other fun stuff from there, so look out in our .. read and see if you want more info or email me;) They are currently in a contest, post it soon ... so join;)

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