Monday, January 26, 2015

Control signals tell the baby

Not long ago, five year old daughter came back from school with a gift: nail polish. Daughter, all the girls in the class got a copy of feeling joy when speaking of her loneliness without her say, I know she can not wait to put nail polish applied on the nails. But my heart is off alarm bells, only 5 years old child, crime scene investigator how can nail polish? If she starts to like make-up, but also how to do? But think before thinking back (this process is only twelve minutes) I promised her daughter, The reason and the reason crime scene investigator I did not hesitate and I promised the same: after all, only 5 years old daughter. 5-year-old girl, will be curious about the adult world, would want to imitate adult female image, crime scene investigator which is a child of this age have a yearning. Similarly, crime scene investigator some parents do not want their children to always noisy, quiet, you can forget the child is a good move, like the rampage, and have the energy you need to vent. Life is only a five-year-old, a childhood, so that children in that age doing proprietary crime scene investigator things, let him enjoy his childhood, how valuable experience. We tend to give their children the rules established by the rules of the adult world to teach them, for fear of early childhood taught not bad, but often forget their child is just a child, childhood then a few years. Recall our own childhood, the most memorable are those that we experience a childlike, or gingerly for fear of doing something wrong in violation of the rules of the experience? But parents who will definitely have doubts, after all, kids just kids, a lot of them would like to do not let them do fit. Faced with the requirements of the child, parents should make decisions on how to choose? Measurable consequences whenever requested by the child, parents often because 不忍心拒绝 but the heart has doubts whether it is agreed or refused to feel embarrassed. At this time, to get out of the mindset "What children need," and instead thinking, "This is what the impact on children." For example, 5-year-old brother, 15-year-old brother asked to play computer games, was especially longing, parents need to consider, according to 5-year-old brother's temperament, promised he would not let him play again Shisuizhiwei this addiction, but also According to his brother's physical condition or to determine whether this would be the formation of his eye injury. From this point of view, parents will have the confidence to make the right judgments. The bottom line is set at the time when her daughter desperate smear nail polish, nail polish, I think about is whether there will be damage. I have to admit that the little girl is not so assured Apply nail polish, but think she got a bottle of nail polish style toy, small, painted a few times has gone, should not cause substantial harm. So I promised her, but conditional, one must not eat hand, two are coated finish this bottle, you can not buy a new request. Daughter agreed that nail polish is really enjoying themselves playing days, but she did not eat obedient hand, but after a few days, and some remnants bottle, she had already lost interest in not touch, and after no further Requirements before. I hindsight, if her request was refused refused to let her play, she may care deeply about the dedication to go, but trouble. So, when my parents promised the children to think clearly after some little outrageous consequences requires no relationship, it is important to set a good bottom line, but also to each other very well. So even if you promised son playing computer games a brother, he will understand that he's a time limit for how long, there are several crime scene investigator opportunities. Parents and children about what expectations are consistent when the conflict is not easy.
Control affects the child's nature is to be run to jump shout, and we, as parents, to understand the nature of the child, let him vent their energy, which may mean that your home is always noisy, our own Children, of course it does not matter, crime scene investigator but how do wake the neighbors? Another example is in public, whether it can let the kids run a race shouting a shout? To take into account the interests of the children and the people around them, parents really need to do something to control the child's behavior can impact. For example, fear of children quarreling crime scene investigator neighbors, you can try to choose to live on the first floor of the apartment building, or at home, carpet / game pad, reducing the possibility of injury to the child and the impact on the downstairs neighbors; try to control the child's behavior after night; Weather permitting, bring the children in outdoor activities; relatively high demand for a quiet environment in public places (such as libraries), if the child still can not meet, go to some less. In fact, many times parents who take into account the consequences of the child's crime scene investigator behavior and make some adjustments, require that children do not need to keep a person in violation of their ages. Trust your instincts and occasionally painted a nail polish does not hurt to young daughter, then lipstick it? False eyelashes it? In many cases, parents fear that a seemingly harmless little things will open Pandora's box, then can not control their children's crime scene investigator behavior, so parents have to trust your instincts, when the child's requirements into make you feel very uncomfortable when from nail polish to fake eyelashes lipstick and then, well, not further, this When you want to call a halt decisive, does not allow just do not agree. Parents are often the first to intellectual intuition, do not always reasonable doubt yourself, when intuition makes you feel very strongly, I believe it, this is not necessarily a good thing for children. Under allow children without hurting themselves and hinder others in their situation, and so the age thing, is the principle of their parents. Under this principle, the child can retain maximum freedom to explore their temperament and potential, while at the same time without causing harm and distress to others, this growth environment, I think it is the best.
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