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[Café] eastern Taipei: Melange Café Milang Qi Cafe SOGO Zhongxiao Store [Eyeshadow

This is not a movie trailer, but it is nail polish propaganda. So much the introduction of reverie, just to see how it has been expecting the plot development in mind, like the name of the title of detective novels, people see only the pure red nail polish when suddenly, ah, the original is to be u Yeah rose flower collection. UNT's really powerful marketing effort, they let people see not only the color of nail polish itself, even in the name and propaganda tell you a story, give u an expectation, when read color code could not be on a branch so read on ...... understandable fascination soon after it launched caused heated discussions, but this very glorious MIT domestic brands, indeed also has consistent third spacing quality performance! UNT's nail polish is a series of launch, there are already four: Paris diva, pink sand, the patron third spacing saint of jewelry and desires. Each group is 18, there are entire, single divested or selling a split into three teams, each color pictures on the Internet are provided, as well as skin and nail length and refers to the color collocation analog screen, web be made clean and clear.
Read all the color number after personal favorite is Paris actress third spacing and desire jewelry series, because the whole group together to buy the conversion of single lowest price, so I chose Paris actress to get started, (average of a 111 yuan, I also with the online shopping platform 10% activity on makeup, a long 99.95 yuan equals, gave a positive brand goods with 100ml exfoliating gel, counted really not expensive) This series is considered third spacing a very suitable third spacing for winter color, third spacing mostly solid partly with a pearl or metallic luster, color bias calm, it is more mature feel. (After all, the actress is also a mature woman: P)
GD015 new fur I'd love to let go of all the exchange, in addition to the new color silky fur. (Oh, and the shoes!) Gray? ! Perhaps many people will be surprised when you see only a bit, but since last fall after Dior launched Mengtian gray nail polish, gray color became popular A representative third spacing of ㄧ. This is also very good copywriter to show women how the clothes are Nanfennanshe, even if you want to love is still obsessed with can make them look glamorous collection XD tone of those who have little wayward but people feel very cute. UNT paradigm is basically a photo with the lighting, so the color will actually look shallow than the first order, and this even I will wipe them shoot up even lighter than the actual picture will look more like simple light gray, can not make sense of the actual existence of a reddish brown.
Basically do not pick the color, although not significantly white, but the color is not too deep, at least not too shallow, about a little more than the bare skin a little heavy, not bright. Probably green and light blue in addition to personal use on clothing can ride, beige, milk, brown and pink and so is particularly suitable for use not pick up the occasion, work or formal dinners are safe. But probably the characteristic color and texture, but do not make me want to mix and match other colors do painting, even to look at the most with a white line pattern stickers, right? And do not want to get too gorgeous. third spacing

Welcome home, Miss actress. Honestly the whole family is not interested in one of the most, after all, easy to orange-brown camel looks a bit dull, feeling quite retro colors, and is not bright, third spacing the color orange brown little sense of weight, let I am reminded of the old European carpet inside the house used for many years, perhaps the name of the mapping is also full of apt? If you feel this to the color yellow, or dark-skinned people who rub should be very subtle, it is hard to think of what this refers to the color point to recommend the whole box ...... but even after taking this, The average single branch is also only 105 yuan, 199 yuan more than a single sale of a lot cheaper, Paris actress also mostly dark colors my personal preferences, as well as a complete boxed package, so that does not matter.
I started to buy their own nail polish has been 13 years, and this is the only one of this problem before, will dye to each finger has a half spent light water removing infected red, also washed away!
GD065 tattoo peony I have a bad tattoo, this secret I like actress. Pure green leaves, not bright without glitter is really like there's a plant leaf color. After all, the green line is many people might want, but will not change as a rub stained with to be very appropriate, take it with the same series of red or pink can simply draw a strawberry painted it! GD070 background champagne, jewelry, slightly messy hair, the best scene in the background. third spacing GD075 night if women worldwide perfume is a perfume, what u called? GD080 cafe 12:00 midnight, you and me, and just the beginning of the night. GD085 leather roses beautiful woman is stubborn, like leather tanning third spacing roses. GD090 fashion correspondent diary tracking you, drill the first hundred times we encounter. Silver black color is very solid indeed very stylish colors, perhaps third spacing not many people can accept, there is a sense of light is really useful after wiping up. Black, dark gray background regarded brought you, is this series a metallic luster of the strongest, and therefore third spacing will change color with the angle looks a little depth on.
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