Friday, January 30, 2015

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Monthly salary of over a million cleaning staff cleaning method | S & Z Living Information Station paint wash to get rid of how five: first with gasoline and then scrub with detergent (not with hot water).
Most of the new ink trace or dirty clothes can not be long in hot milk or yogurt dip, and easier to remove. Ink mark on the general clothing optional proportion of oxalic acid and water 1:10 into the mixed solution is heated, after carefully scrubbing with cotton balls dipped under thermal conditions. Ink spot will disappear instantly with a little warm ammonia solution rinse. Ink mark on wool and cotton clothing how to clean a mattress available on 10% citric acid solution to remove soda water or scrub with a 4% ink stains on your clothes, and then washed with ordinary cleaning methods. Can also be coated how to clean a mattress almonds smashed how to clean a mattress ink contamination on clothes at the repeated rubbing with water drift net.
Method four: When the wool or cloth stained with ink, should be rinsed with hot water or boiling water, then scrub with soap and water, then rinse with water, you can clean. Do not use cold water washing, because this will color immersed in fiber, very difficult to wash.
Five: soap with 2% alcohol how to clean a mattress solution (plus a soft soap flakes 250 grams of alcohol, stir well) to clean, then wipe with hydrogen how to clean a mattress peroxide or bleach 3-5% sodium hypochlorite, and finally washing. how to clean a mattress This method is restricted to white clothing, thing of the past can be soaked in the solution for 1 hour.
Scrape off as much as possible with a blunt instrument lipstick, and then placed in hot washing liquid were washed free of soap. Serious stains, wipe with glycerine before washing unavailable for washing fabrics, available in a sponge dipped in oil solvent wipe.
Method two: red medicine stains first with a warm detergent solution, washed, and then were washed with 5% oxalic acid, potassium permanganate, and finally decolorized with oxalic acid, and then washed with water.
Generally speaking, it will cause the kitchen dirty sources, is nothing more than oil produced during cooking, dirt, food residue on the ground or water, etc., if usually do not clean up the habit, especially how to clean a mattress in dirty water easily expanded range, as time goes by will make the kitchen become filthy.
Tip3. Gas stove tops of light oil like Loading ...
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