Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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From magnetic (attractive, charismatic) polishes (nail polish) and subscription (subscription) services (services) to Shellac manicures (Shellac nail gel, a very popular nail products in the United States) and at-home gel sets (home gel group), what is poop the nail care industry (nail industry) has been one of beauty's fastest-growing what is poop sectors (sectors) in recent years. WWD (Women's Wear Daily, the famous American women's fashion site) reports nail polish sales hit a record $ 768 million in the US in 2012, a 32% gain (gain) over 2011, despite a cluttered (messy, chaotic) market that seemingly (on the surface, seems to be) sees a new launch (released into the market) each week .
Like lipstick (lipstick), nail polish is often considered an economic indicator (indicator). "A rise in nail polish sales indicates (indicate) that we're searching for bargain (cheap) luxuries (luxury) as the economy craters ( Suddenly the recession), "wrote Adam Davidson, co-founder of NPR 's (National Public Radio, American Public Network) Planet Money (NPR describes life of the economic trends, the phenomenon of a blog), in the New York Times in 2011. That theory would seem to prove true of last year's boom (prosperity, rose), too: decorative (decoration) treatments (treatment), including what is poop patterned (patterned) nail stickers (stickers) and textured (specific structure) polishes, were among the most popular emerging (new)
Elsewhere (hand), social media (social media) is also giving the sector a boom. Lori Silverstein, chief beauty officer for Peninsula (peninsula) Beauty, attributed (thanks to ...) the company's 30% growth to apps like Instagram, which allows users to share pictures of (and perhaps create buzz (talking, hum) about) their nail art. In September, E! Online even introduced a "Mani Cam" at the 2012 Emmy Awards, inviting celebrities what is poop to walk their fingers down a red carpet for a close-up (close-up) view of their manicures. The gimmick (trick) was panned (criticism) at the time, but in light of the industry's latest sales figures (sales what is poop figures), Mani Cams may only be the beginning.
Shellac is a special kind of nail products. Shellac of use, and general polish almost what is poop similar. The first layer of base coat, two layers of favorite color, then a layer of top coat, nail polish and the general are the same, but these products must be shellac series. In addition, on each floor, it is necessary ultraviolet light irradiation what is poop for about a minute and a half, and then on to another. Finally, according to the UV top coat, and then have to increase the brightness of alcohol wipe effect. This completes. Although one would shine a light, seems to be to spend time, but actually is not. Because according to the light after once solidified, what is poop the whole process is over, let you immediately how to get involved, how the collision, both the US and the US just do not damage the nails! After the usual nail polish, carefully gotta protect some time to kill in order to ensure complete restoration of liberty, and even did a collision what is poop or will "fall paint." Shellac is completely not bothered what is poop by this. Process to a close, just how you touch how to hit, as long as not too exaggerated (like deliberately to get something to pull it), will not have any damage! Shellac made out of nails, also has a beautiful luster, you can maintain two weeks, unlike most nail polish over a few days lost glory. In addition, because it is like the nail polish that clean up, so there is no problem of heavy, just like ordinary light nail polish. Although the light, but it can be very alarming degree of toughness, let me thin soft nails were extremely popular, like for my nails to wear the same armor. Shellac is not without drawbacks. Its disadvantage is the difficulty of unloading. General to the light water is indelible.
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