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To the left is washed syracuse indiana mattress cover, which glow white. On the right side of the m

Treatment and Care - Part 3: How to easily wash mattress | Bed linen and soft furnishings - blog
In this section we will show how easily wash a mattress cover. The specific procedure, specific products and a clear result. We will talk about modern mattresses that have a removable cover. He has to fulfill several functions: protects the mattress against the proliferation of parasites and mites mattress covers against dirt ensures proper hygiene mattress aesthetic function syracuse indiana
The cover should be regularly maintained to withstand long mattress and meet it, what we bought it. Quality mattresses have cost several hundred euros and therefore care is important. How maintenance is calculated regular washing, cleaning and occasional vacuuming. Regular maintenance should be conducted at least 1 year of coating removal and subsequent cleaning or washing it. Again, it is important to first comply with the rules of treatment prescribed by the manufacturer, which can be found on the label. On average, the coating is provided with zippers which can be undone the perimeter of the mattress. If you do not find the label, you can easily wash coating. Look at the picture.
To the left is washed syracuse indiana mattress cover, which glow white. On the right side of the mattress cover has not washed. Yes, these are two covers. However, the one on the left side was as dirty as the one on the right. Cover that you want to tether can be so big and heavy that machine washing can be very complicated. The cover, which is to the left of the photograph, was placed in the bath, and soaked in hot water. But before we put there a mattress cover, we put in the bath washing capsules Persil DuoCaps. One on top and one even then, when it was water enough and mattress cover was completely soaked. White was really white after approx. two hours, which has significantly reduced its water temperature. Then we have a mattress syracuse indiana cover that was completely vysprchovali that we got rid of powder residue. The mere dry. Be sure to thoroughly dry. Coatings containing a polyester dries quickly, while coatings with a high cotton content longer. It is always important to have covers to dry thoroughly.
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