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It is a multipurpose cleaner for removing odor of animals in the household. Suitable for floors and

Each of us uses a different method cleaning company for cleaning cages, pens, aviaries, trays, bowls, toys for access, beds etc. But the important thing is that correct plant and equipment for cleaning and disinfecting. When I started with farming of animals did not seem so important, and I did not attach great importance cleaning company to the selection of the appropriate product, until I came to the cleanliness and hygiene in zvieratkách is really important. So let's do it :) For cleaning cages, floors and remove debris I use innovation on the market:
It is a multipurpose cleaner for removing odor of animals in the household. Suitable for floors and other washable surfaces (eg. Tiles, fiberglass, plastic, etc.). Effectively removes grease and dirt dries. It dries quickly and leaves the surface shiny and spotless. For general use 2-3 caps are sufficient for 5 liters of water. For stubborn dirt, apply undiluted, then wipe or rinse. So many of the labels on the back and now my experience :) I will not just let him and is an integral part of my cleaning. I use it to clean the cage when the cage (plastic tray) is put in the bath, pour into it the Savo, leave a little soak, scrub the entire surface of the brush, rinse and done. Zachlé not remove stains as matured interest from the urine of rodents, cleaning company but can manage their job superbly. On dark urine stains, try vinegar :) With this Blotter is also superbly wash floors. Badko and Rachelka tend fro mesh portion floor and everything is at hand, and this is a great help in overcharging odor after cleaning cleaning company because it leaves a beautiful fresh scent and shine. You can use it for anything really versatile. For me the number 1. It is available in drugstores, but I found him in Spišska only DM-ku and Tesco, so try :) Price ranges from 2,84 up and down, according to which shares in the shop :) 750 ml
Due to its triple action disinfect the materials, areas, killing bacteria, viruses and fungi without cleaning company water or soap. Leaves pleasant and fresh scent. Inter alia, by: Herpes virus, Influenza A H7N1 virus, swine influenza cleaning company A HN1N1, The microorganisms Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Candida albocans disinfect ... What? Toilet seat, wash basins, sinks, showers, cleaning company bathtubs, refrigerators, kitchen units, phones, TV controls, dining chairs, changing tables, mattresses, carpets, bins ... Do not use on surfaces that are in contact with food. The triple effect of the product: antibacterial (5 min) and fungicidal (15 min) according to EN 13697 and virucidal cleaning company against cleaning company Herpes simplex according to NTF 72-180 (15 min), chrípkovémi Influenza A H7N1 (5 min) and the belief swine influenza A H1N1 (15 min) according to EN 14476. Dermatologically tested. The biocidal agent.
And now I :) Sanytol used after washing cages even for disinfection, also the carpet beneath the cages, the duvets, bed, mattress, beds, toys, clothes for dogs, simply everything where I need to kill the nasty bacteria. It has a pleasant scent of eucalyptus and it meets the parameters cleaning company that destroy 99.9% of bacteria is really helpful for all pet owners. It is free of chlorine, and the only one among such fumigants has the advantage that it is affordable. For me, again instrumental in my dog, who occasionally CIKNE :) disinfected cleaning company and covered with a smell, so is my faithful companion for cleaning. I do it whenever I buy the DM-ku or Tesco, which is sometimes also in action, be it :) If the traceability of the action in Tesco, I take a 4 piece :) Price: from 3.79 up down :) 500 ml
It is a formulation providing chlorine-free disinfection of livestock equipment, tools and veterinary facilities. It is used for the production of domestic and exotic animals. It is alcohol-free, chlorine and aggressive substances. Non-volatile! Without color and unpleasant odors. Liquid disinfectant. It is intended for immediate use to disinfect all surfaces, objects cleaning company and surfaces in veterinary practices and public areas, shelters and homes. In addition to professional use for the purpose of veterinary stations are also used to disinfect animal boxes either, pens, beds, crates, pillows, cottages, mattresses, terrariums, aquariums, kennels equipment cleaning company (brushes, toys ...) and places where access is staying. Apply direct spray. It is characterized by a strong and long-lasting antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects without any negative impact on the treated materials. It is applied also in the presence of animals. Features: Non-flammable, does not damage any treated materials - is non-corrosive. Does not contain alcohol, aldehydes or phenols, no side effects. Disinfect Removes odors of organic origin Eliminates mold without chlorine does not destroy any materials - wood, metal, glass, plastics, textiles, paper, rubber ... Benefits: Eliminates the broad spectrum of microorganisms, has bactericidal (including TBC), mycobactericidal and virucidal effects.
Compared to San :)

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