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If you select a double bed, is very important if we choose mattress separated or combined. The matt

The basis of a healthy and refreshing sleep is a nice space and good quality bed. Nevertheless, just that often we can not indulge - bedroom placed in the least, often poorly ventilated room, the bed incomprehensibly gentle. However, in this room, and this piece of furniture we spend a third of life. What is certainly more than sitting in a chair watching TV, but this household usually spared no expense sickla at all. Bedroom can be spatially small, the sides of the bed should remain at least half a meter of interest, so that we can comfortably lie down and get out of bed. Needless central lighting, but a practical lamp above each bed. It is essential to good ventilation of the room is also the optimal orientation of the peaceful of the house. As for the bed, mattress and appropriate disposal should naturally support the body in all positions, bed then taken to measure concrete sleeper with regard to its body shape, height, weight and age, possibly also to a variety of health restrictions. Bed While not bought only once in a lifetime, but nevertheless sickla we should think ahead when choosing - we may need time positioning grid, if we like convenience, we will stop for a few years, for example, satisfy narrow bed ...
If you select a double bed, is very important if we choose mattress separated or combined. The mattress on the whole does not have an median ridge, on the other hand, partners can sleep interfere with each other, this risk is increased by the difference in height and weight. In the case of shared beds have to choose sickla each one tailored to a particular person, but both parts should have the same type of grate to allow, if necessary, change the side on which we sleep - for example, because the amount of space above the bed or because of drafts, getting up to to children in the night, and the like. Of course, when choosing a bed medical perfection of all the materials. sickla Choosing a mattress
Mattress double beds may contrast different design and material, but must be equally high. Everyone can, however, choose one that best suits its needs or health claims. The size of the mattress must always correspond to the internal dimensions of the bed, not less, and certainly not more. It also should not consist of several sickla smaller individual parts. The bed should be so big that we had enough sleep in comfort. The minimum length is determined by the height of the characters enlarged to 30 cm, then a minimum of 90 cm in the case of double beds 160 cm.
The so-called French double beds, only 140 cm wide, are in our country due to its more useful parameter for occasional ESP two people. The most common width double beds is usually 180 to 200 cm, if we have enough space in the bedroom, do not worry or width 220 cm wide mattress at least 100 cm provides significantly better sleeping comfort. Important is the bed frame - better without the lower storage or with only partial ability to store the mattress was well ventilated. It would, moreover, should also allow air to the body, because in addition to sleep sweat and sweat exclude other substances from the body. It is also better bedding nezastielať but leave them in day to ventilate. If this is not possible, let them at least some time in the morning before ustláno cool and "breathe out".
What is important is the material of the mattress sickla - the body in it may overheat, but we must not be cold, since thermal comfort is one of the cornerstones of quality sleep. The mattress should sickla also have at least a removable cover, allowing for washing or cleaning. He can also substitute the so-called winter and summer pad, if any mattress does not have a removable cover, can be partially replaced and cut-sheet that capacity for very regularly. Materials for mattresses
In terms of materials and structures we have a choice with a spring sickla mattress core. Here, the mattress sickla adapts to body shape better, the more springs contains, and are among the best mattress sickla with pocket-called core. It is likely that this type of mattress endure large bending should therefore lie on either flat or only slightly positionable slatted bases, or the Plank background. Another option is foam mattress made of polyurethane foam and HR and Lazy Foam.
Mattresses HR - so-called cold foams are characterized by high elasticity at high bulk density, have excellent breathability. High quality mattresses are shape memory - PUR foam is here called by. lazy foam - Lazy Foam. That after heating the body perfectly replicates the shape of the reclining figure and spread the weight over the entire surface of the mattress. sickla Other materials for the production of health mattresses are latex or biopena. Biopeny the basis for the production of natural vegetable oils that have a beneficial effect on human skin. In general, the mattress should always adapt the body lengthwise, sliced should, however, be tough. Suitable not too soft mattress, in which the body is deeply and broken-located in the depression, must allow easy rotation and change in position without disturbing sleep. A

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