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At the highest types CUREM C3000, C4000 and C5000 EGO is p Investigator layer of visco foam to ensu

All mattresses are in the prototype phase subjected to mechanical stress test. Each mattress is therefore stressed 200,000 mechanical cycles. casalimpia The extent climbing over, softening and deformation in different directions. For mattresses CUREM the measured resistance values range between 99-100%.
Testing device ErgoCheck. ErgoCheck sensitive measuring pad, whereby test all prototypes of new mattresses CUREM to achieve the best possible results. Always test different types of characters and weight category. The output of the measurement is evaluated by a computer program casalimpia in the presence of engineers and designers, and subsequently consulted with doctors and physiotherapists. Mattresses CUREM you can using a measuring device ErgoCheck try at selected stores and yours. More information about the event Healthy sleep ErgoCheck Size Mattress CUREM
Mattresses can be extended to 210 or 220 cm. At these dimensions, as well as other options of abnormal size, please check with your dealer. Sophisticated design CUREM mattresses for double beds
Mattress casalimpia CUREM from ordinary casalimpia mattresses also differ in another important construction casalimpia details; CUREM mattresses in sizes for double beds (up to 200 x 200 cm) have the space in the core of one piece (it is possible thanks to the durability and high quality casalimpia Curemfoam TM Visco foam). Competing products tend to have a support surface glued two pieces. casalimpia Mattresses casalimpia CUREM Partner
Mattresses CUREM not typical twin mattresses - have the same design loading areas with different stiffness. Used special foam Curemfoam TM (it's a secret) have features that one loading space shall comply with the majority of users with different masses and stiffness requirements bed. Try it on your own back at the dealers CUREM. The quality and materials used in mattresses CUREM
All CUREM mattresses are made from only the highest quality materials. Each delivery starting materials originating exclusively from the EU, subject to rigorous controls. They are used solely foam Curemfoam TM, TM Curemfoam Visco, Curemfoam TM Visco BSF. This is a high bulk density of the foam. These foams used exclusively brand CUREM and find them in any other mattresses. Each mattress is CUREM before delivery controlled independently by two workers checkout and registered with the result. Sleeping on a mattress CUREM the way into the realm of comfort and health. This Hilding Anders Czech Republic as, Division CUREM. Curemfoam TM Curemfoam Visco TM 85, TM Curemfoam Visco 50th
Protected material CUREM brands. Special lazy foam of high bulk density of the highest quality. They are used exclusively in mattresses casalimpia CUREM. casalimpia Induce a similar effect weightless state. Excellent support the spine. For greatest possible comfort sleep always look for a mark Curemfoam TM. Curemfoam casalimpia TM.
Pena high volume - protected material CUREM brands. It is known for its breathability, excellent point elasticity, long life and strength. It features a high bulk density, which in practice means long life, breathability, comfort and in conjunction with other components of mattresses CUREM maximum possible comfort for your whole body. You can find it in the bases Mattress CUREM C1000 - C5000 EGO. Curemfoam TM Visco BSF.
High volume viscoelastic (thermo) BIO foam, made from soybean oil. The foam is manufactured to have high inertia - it also has optimized resistance to compression. This foam can be found in the model CUREM C5000 ego so. "Boom cradles' where their characters allows maximum stabilization arm in its current release into natural position during sleep on the side. Cover CUREM Cooper
At the highest types CUREM C3000, C4000 and C5000 EGO is p Investigator layer of visco foam to ensure the best possible comfort. It can be dry cleaned. Free is supplied with this type of mattress protector, guaranteeing maximum casalimpia hygiene and comfort of the bed. The protector is easily removable and washable at 60 C. Cover CUREM Cooper comes in traditional white PURE or in a sleek black finish BLACK. It is composed of 78% cotton casalimpia High quality and 22% polyester fibers.
Mattresses have a cover with an attractive and modern CNC stitch pattern, which is also sometimes referred to as "jednoihlový". In practice, this means that the cover is quilted pattern, which was designed in a computer and editor of computerized quilting machine is transferred to the mattress cover CUREM. Each cover is quilted separately. This process takes place under the supervision of trained personnel. The shoulder cradle
Optimizes the back pressure in the shoulder area - there are to lessen stiffness and increase the inertia effect of lazy foam. The shoulder cradle is made of viscoelastic foam bio-based soy oil. It is characterized by different parameters back pressure, compression rates and moreover is very airy and durable. Due to using organic material is very suitable for allergy sufferers. Shoulder cradle of bi

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