Monday, December 1, 2014

Another nightmare of all motorists is the resin, which could turn into a hard layer and persistent

The body of a car is one of the most sensitive parts - especially the paint - and more exposed to external agents. Look after it is essential both to avoid attracting the attention and looks compassionate is to have more chance of success when you decide to sell it to a private problem that luckily now can be obviated when referring to new online maintaining services that allow you to sell used cars of any kind and regardless of the condition they are in, or companies that offer car wash even at home.
Until then, however, it is advisable to prevent damage larger and take a few Sunday afternoon to clean up the dress of your four-wheel resetting it to a state of grace of yesteryear. Let's see a couple of tricks to remove dirt more assiduous. Remove Insects
Especially if you travel on roads or country will inevitably make a killing of many small insects, which they see as the last thing the windshield of your car. Insects, although they may seem small and innocuous, are actually terrible for the paint of your car if not removed within a short time, as their secretion can dry and penetrate the paint, making it impossible to remove them later without removing the same time a layer of paint.
To delete them successfully you should apply with a cloth or the can of WD-40 - a hydrophobic oily - and let it work for about ten minutes until the insects will not be softened and will be easier to remove. For its oily consistency, it is recommended not to use this spray on the windshield and the windows, as it would be difficult to remove, and use instead maintaining a mixture of water and dish soap. Then just rub the affected areas with a towel, being careful not to scrape or use abrasive sponges maintaining that could ruin the paint. After just thoroughly washing maintaining the car to remove any residue. maintaining Remove the resin
Another nightmare of all motorists is the resin, which could turn into a hard layer and persistent if not removed regularly, especially so in the summer maintaining when it is more concentrated.
For the removal of the resin can be used specific products, but it can be enough just a cloth soaked in alcohol, lying on the affected areas for about ten minutes - time to soften it - and then you can proceed maintaining wiping carefully without scratching the bodywork.
If the resin is stubborn and does not want to leave, even in this case you can use the WD-40 - except on the windows where it is recommended to remove it with the cutter - and finally at the end of the operation remember to wash your car to remove all residues. 07/11/2014
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