Tuesday, December 2, 2014

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After the news of the newly formed initiative of Ike-men Osoji-tai, or five handsome boys are ready to meet the demand for house cleaning for Japanese women to a very high cost, that's the idol BiS, strong commercial success that auctions of Yahoo! Auction Japan are having, they decided to be at the forefront to offer their services to cleaning the house. It 's possible, starting from November 19, recruit one of five girls in the group from a starting price of 1.00 yen until 25 November. The lucky one who will win the favorite idol may dispose of his skills in cleaning for three hours. Of course, the winning bidder will have to strictly comply with certain rules. The members of BiS are not responsible for the quality of cooking, cleaning, washing cleaning services nyc or Nothing sexual Members of BiS will be accompanied by the staff will be able to take pictures of some special requests (such as breaking the law) will not be possible expenses travel will be paid by the winning bidder (negotiable) This is not the first case in which the services are offered by the Japanese idol on Yahoo! Auction. Recently, members of the heavy metal band Alice Juban offered a live performance with a lot of panties on the face of the auction winner, for the modest sum of 222 222 yen (2092.68 Euros)
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Clean with spiked clubs? XD
Bona They clean with spiked clubs? Hahaha cleaning services nyc XD other than that it seems to me to be sick to spend all that money just to be in the company of an idol who does the cleaning of the house ... I point you pay a prostitute who cleans the whole house and do something else for a long less XD
Anancuras writes:
At least decently cleaned in the house, cleaning services nyc but I bet that the first point implies that they will do anything just really screwed on the floor perhaps. In addition to the transport costs that there will be little soft, I figured if I use the meter before looking for a home pretty well and it costs me less, that bullshit cleaning services nyc

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