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Helpling, the application to book online housework | Tech Fanpage
Helpling is the start-up for house cleaning anago in Italy. Through Helpling you can book in less than 60 seconds anago a cleaning service for your home, using the website or applications for iOS and Android.
"There's an app for everything" now recite all the mobile campaigns. In fact, looking at the view of the app available in digital stores, the phrase is not entirely wrong: we have applications for social, to find the partner or the partner, for taxis, anago car rental, and to connect us in countless different ways. What was missing, however, was an application that would clean house. To compensate for the lack thinks Helpling, a service that allows us to find a cleaner home in a simple, fast and smart. Helpling offers a cleaning service quality at an hourly rate competitive and transparent, by connecting users with independent partners.
Basically you book an attendant through the website or applications available for iOS and Android by selecting the desired service and any additional services. Just enter the address, the date and time of the service and is made: a "Helpling" will be presented and will clean house following the instructions at the time of booking. You can also opt for a recurring weekly cleaning. Regarding the payment is done online after selecting an additional service. These include cleaning anago the oven, cabinets, windows and refrigerator. anago Through the app must also indicate the number of rooms and bathrooms present, as well as ensure you have available a range of cleaning products: detergents, mops, vacuum cleaners, cloths, etc. We're booking an employee, not a cleaning company!
The last item to be selected is the number of total hours of work. It starts from a minimum of two and you get to a maximum of 10; this choice also depends on the completeness of the services performed. Services, basic, include a number of elements: dusting, trash removal, bed making and cleaning various. anago All this will obviously be managed freely by us, asking to focus the work in a room in particular or in a specific task. As for the price, for a service of two hours in a three-room apartment with a bathroom Helpling anago asks 25. A cost altogether honest, given the simplicity of booking anago offered by the portal. Going to add optional services the price goes up, but never reaching exorbitant amounts. Helpling is available on the web, iOS and Android.
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