Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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Market Ghost Tour (Visit the market in the footsteps of ghosts) - Seattle
Discover the supernatural side of Pike Place Market, ranked as one of the most haunted places like the Northwest.Les skeptical fans enjoy the stories and the history of the market and the strange past Seattle.
Explore Pike Place Market time for a walking tour of 75 minutes in the night quartier.Écoutez ghost stories about the place that hosted the first past the city morgue, where there is still a part of an old cemetery and a brothel that has retained its red color côté.Découvrez on the market at an angle that few people approach: the night when arcades are empty.
Seattle has experienced significant topographic changes in the 30 years since the great fire of 1889.On moved over land for the project area Denny Regrade koll as to dig the channel Panama.Découvrez why some believe that these titanic work is the source of many of the unusual stories of Seattle.
Note: Free for children 6 years and moins.Il is a tour outside and most places are sheltered, but participants must be prepared to confront the climate of northwest bringing a raincoat and shoes confortables.Il A few steps and a colline.Certaines Pike Place Market streets are paved, high heels, strollers and walkers can be a problem to move.
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