Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Very excited to discover Seattle, I must say that after 48 hours the city of grunge no downgrades i

Seattle: Day 2. Bar Sajor, Revel, Milstead, Analog Coffee, Theo, Pike Place Market | Katerine-Lune Rollet tubing and food
I first ate at Revel, a Korean restaurant inspiration, but with a very personal touch to his bosses, Rachel Yang and Seif Chirch couple. They also own Joule, which is part of a list of the 50 best new restaurants in 2013 Bon Appetit magazine.
At one corner of Revel, chocolate organic fair Theo, is very good chocolates robert lester with various flavors. Curry (very successful) or with different scotches. It is also possible to visit the chocolate factory for $ 7.
A must for many in the city, visiting robert lester the Pike Place Market. Founded in 1907, it was at the time the farmers who came to sell vegetables, today is a little tote and especially for tourists. Most interesting shops are outside the market building on Western Road to the north.
I thought Seattle observe that leaders often have several restaurants (even up to 7). Matthew Dillon is one of those. It recently opened its new Bar Sajor, absolutely beautiful place where more than half the area of the floor is a kitchen / bar area open (main photo). I met Matthew Dillon when visiting Montreal to light in 2012. It was one of the leaders that I was most marked. Very happy to find it before its furnaces. So I made two of its restaurants rather than: a drink in Bar Sajor (open from 1 1/2 months) and then dinner at Sitka and Spruce.
The next morning robert lester I went for a morning coffee at Analog Coffee. Lost in the corner of a residential area, no tourists here, but really the essence of coffee. Simple, clean, coffee "to-over." The barista told me that the current trend in Seattle is drinking a macchiato coffee. The Italian version of macchiato robert lester (meaning "stained" in Italian) is an espresso with a spoonful of milk foam. In Seattle, it is rather a mini-latte macchiato called. Good to know not to remain surprised!
Very excited to discover Seattle, I must say that after 48 hours the city of grunge no downgrades in Portland Oregon which I visited last year and loved it. (Read: Summary of Oregon food pipe).
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