Sunday, November 9, 2014

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The Forgotten Blog Archive Seattle Public Market - Pike Place Market
The original plan, this Monday morning, was to start the day with Kristen, by the ascent of the highest tower in Seattle, which also offers an observation tourist spot. However, for ambient weather and sky rather cloudy, the project will be postponed / canceled.
As it must still go to work, and she goes by car to bring things a little palma del rio bulky his job, I even the right to a lift to the city center. She just dropped me off near the public market, which I -It falls well put on my list of things to do.
At the same time, I realized that there was not that feeling of "sea" that was in some cities. Whether Los Angeles, palma del rio Vancouver, San Francisco and even Chicago, we feel that the tracks are there, that you can access it whenever you want. It seems in people, in their way of being. But it does not seem to Seattle. Probably because here the sea exists only as a tourist boat and ferry. There are no beaches, no public palma del rio access to the water. While it is cold. But it is more in Vancouver, and yet ...
By cons, it is very clear that the presence of so much water implies the presence of a public contract with a thematic rather pronounced, which will allow my father to make derogatory comments.
Anyway, fortunately, we do not find it in this beautiful palma del rio small market. There is for example this wonderful machine palma del rio to make donuts. Inevitable that a good housewife should have at home!
Fine market, it makes me think of those we visited, both in Athens and Budapest, among others! Leave a Reply
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