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Hell no, you forgot the milk again! Blog created for my travel memories are frozen in space because

In the log 13 hours of the day (yes just before the fires of love #viedemamie) returns the eternal discussion of famous fruits and summer vegetables that arrive on our shelves still later. The opportunity for me to immerse myself in the place where I saw the most beautiful / Wholesale fruits and vegetables in my life: Pike Place Market in Seattle.
Pike Place Market is a farmer's market covered honoring tile cleaning grown fruits and vegetables from local producers. Note that local and organic is a religion in Seattle. For the record ... The market opened tile cleaning in 1907. At the turn of the twentieth century the population of Seattle has doubled (from 42,000 à 80,000 Seattleites). Seattle was so busy with the gold leaving researchers to the North but also by the shipbuilding workers and loggers. To feed all these people, farmers tile cleaning brought their harvest to traders who undertook to sell their production. Food prices were very high and only a small percentage benefited the farmers. It was then that some of the elected city, Thomas Revelle had the idea to create a space for farmers to sell their products directly to the public at much more reasonable price than using these famous traders .
Tomato spaghetti chocolate Today's market brings farmers and producers of vegetables and fruits, but not that! Indeed, tile cleaning a special aisle is dedicated to florists who prepare and compose on demand all more beautiful than each other at competitive prices (from $ 5) bouquets. tile cleaning
The basement is full of vintage shops, jewelry, clothing, vinyl, vintage posters and art galleries. You can really find anything to Pike Place Market, including memories! Craftsmen / artists offer paintings, leather goods, wood and clothing. For you ladies, organic producers can create their very own all-natural cosmetics made from lavender or honey for which the region tile cleaning is known. (For my part, I'm a fan of Moon Valley Organics products based on honey and plants) tile cleaning
Pike Place Market tile cleaning is a lively place full of walkways with various scents. This is a great and lively place to discover family. Fishmongers provide the show with lively songs to motivate and fish thrown in the eyes of the public wanting more (see my mini video). If you're nice, we will even let you try (hmmm better not miss, because if caught a fish of 4kg in her beautiful hair ...) In the outer galleries, you will find a wide selection of "World Cuisine" from traditional Asian food very present but also the Eastern or Italian specialties.
Starbucks gets big baby As you may know, is born in Seattle the coffee chain in the world famous iconic Siren: Starbucks Coffee Company. Pike Place Market also houses a place of pilgrimage for fans of the chain: the first Starbucks to open its doors in 1971 and still active tile cleaning today. Certainly the wooden decor is far from the standard we know today but it is worth the look. Stabucks first opened in 1971 The must: taste all that you tend sellers. Alternatively, you can also take you away (I recommend a bagel along with a fresh smoothie good) and enjoy your meal in the public sitting area and enjoy the breathtaking views of Elliott Bay with the incessant brush ferry boats. View from Pike Place Elliott Bay on the Gum Wall ... better not hug the walls too small eccentricity that will delight young and old: the Gum Wall. Located in a passage in the market, a wall is completely covered with chewing gum of all colors. An original way to make his mark ... or saliva Long live the hydroaclooliques solutions! Gum Wall So when do you accompany me? Little poses with Thor! For more info: Tours and tastings tile cleaning available with reservation
2013 (7) August (2) Seattle - Pike Place Market, tile cleaning the paradise of sophisticated, gou ... Washington: The Evergreen State May (2) April (3)
Hell no, you forgot the milk again! Blog created for my travel memories are frozen in space because intercidéral "What remains for all trips is the scent of a faded rose." Cavidan Tumerkan View my complete profile

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