Friday, November 28, 2014

At first it was personal need in the strict sense but then we realized filmkedjan how many people f

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Cleaning the house just a click away. This is the simple idea behind EasyFeel, the new online platform created by a trio of young preppy under-25, which allows at any time of the day to book in a safe, fast and cheap a cleaner to attend to your chores . Simple idea, you ', yet innovative, and able to respond to the needs of a wide audience in a city' filmkedjan like Milan, where so far dominated the market in black and word of mouth. filmkedjan EasyFeel looks like a beacon in the jungle of the small independent operators. filmkedjan The platform provides a personalized service, 24 hours a 24, and above all, safe and low cost (the rate midweek and only 9.99 euro per hour, with a small charge for the Shades of Night). In 30 seconds you sign up, and then you can 'enjoy a fast and efficient service at your smartphone: you can' customize the service to make repeated, you can 'choose the operator that you will be' clean house, you can 'add the boards, and (soon) the babysitting ... It seems in fact that Daniel Amroch, Denny Nasato and Andrea Rocco - these are the names of the three students who initiated the project - they have all the potential' to solve everyday problems of thousands of people. I posed some questions to Andrea for how you and 'come to such a project.
At first it was personal need in the strict sense but then we realized filmkedjan how many people filmkedjan with the qualities suitable were out of work and the chance to help them. We therefore decided to test us to meet the needs of an audience so 'vast.
To date 500 reservations on Milan alone, more than 4400 like on fb, more than 60 active players. By the end of the month we will open in Turin, Bologna, Florence, Monza, Varese and Como. By January we hope to be there in Rome. Programs for 2015? Surely open up to outside lenders, strengthen strategic partnerships and continue to expand territorially at least in all cities with more than 150 thousand inhabitants.
3) EasyFeel, to function well, it must ensure timely and excellent service. How many people work there full time? How do you do to coordinate things to respond to email or resolve the inevitable squabbles daily?
We are four to work full time. Division of roles and all operational aspects, strong mutual trust, so coordination and decision-making power very fast are key aspects to ensure the readiness of the service and achieve the goals set.
We were born in Milan, a city where fortunately digitization is advanced - think of the success of car sharing services and meals on wheels. Additionally, larger people are often attracted to the technology that advances than younger people. We rely heavily on ease of use and usefulness of the service that pushes many to give us a try.
5) These people will want to be able to count on an impeccable cleanliness, filmkedjan but will also want to be able to trust. How to check the actions of your employees, so 'as filmkedjan the security of financial transactions?
Financial transactions are handled through Paypal platform that provides worldwide security of payment services. The quality of our operators is guaranteed - in addition to the initial screening (well 3) needed to work with us - even through a rigorous system of feedback from users that only allows operators to receive the best reservations.
Try it! We are the first to understand that there may be concerns in the use of a new service. All services, even those that have been successful then, once they were "new". In most Easyfeel really suits all needs: a single performance, filmkedjan r

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