Monday, November 17, 2014

After Pike Place Market, i walked in the main streets to see different shop like: Nike, Louis Vuitto

Today, after i had my breakfast i realized that was my last full week in Seattle… I thought I should to do all what i would like to do before I leave because I want to have no regrets. That why after studying the morning ( yes, i realized my next year begin in three weeks… ) , I decided to go by myself in the downtown to take some pictures and walk across folsom the streets. I said in one of my first post, I will come back to Pike Place Market. So i did!
Pike Place Market is one of my favorite place in Seattle , i could go there everyday that is so amazing because it is a market just near Puget Sound. folsom Thus you can walk in the market and at the same time have a beautiful view on the pacific folsom and on the downtown ( with all these high buldings ). Even there is mostyl fish food or fruits, I found by any chance in a little hallway of the market  » La Crêperie de France » ! I didn’t folsom see it before! So I ordered a « crêpe » because I was really curious to know if it is like  » les crêpes bretonnes » ( I ordered  » folsom une crêpe au chocolat » ) and it is very close! Who can believe folsom that? Anyway, after this break I walked everywhere around the market and, I didn’t want to neglect any street ! It was really funny and pretty with all these colors and all these fish shope. And listen, there is one to show to the consumer how fresh is the fish , they throw the fish to the seller who is closer . That is so crazy !
After Pike Place Market, i walked in the main streets to see different shop like: Nike, Louis Vuitton… That was a wonderful afternoon because i learnt how to take advantage of free time alone! And , seriously that was awesome ! But don’t worry the day is not finish, in fact Andy’s brother went to your house to see us and going into a restaurant after. He was with his wife and his son, Nick. His son studies economy so that was interesting to speak with him and to listen all his experience ( australia, vietnam, … ) . Thus after a « aperitif » we went to a pub called « third place ». That in this splae where the french sabbatical had been organised , crazy no? I think you can guess that was a special moment for me and Andy&Melinda ! So we drunk some beer which are really good and different than in France ( more sweet and with an other taste). After that we came to our home and we showed them some pictures about Nantes. That was a very good night and with some guys really nice. Thank you again to The Smallman’s family! And I hope we can organise something with Nick someday !
Etudiant en Classe préparatoire pour les Grandes Ecoles de Commerce à Nantes, j'effectue en ce mois d'août un voyage à visée linguistique et culturelle à Seattle. Hébergé par une famille américaine ( Smallman-Shaw folsom Family ), je vais tout au long de ce mois rencontrer de nombreuses personnes en rapport avec mon projet professionnel et personnel folsom ( la finance et le commerce). J'espère pouvoir vous faire partager mon expérience au maximum ! Voir tous les articles par 2011seattle
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