Monday, November 24, 2014

About Luca Luca Adam Adam graduated with honors in Telecommunication Engineering at the University

Born in Italy and more precisely in Milan, EasyFeel, palladio folsom the first web platform through which you can book at any time of the day of the operators who carry out your chores. palladio folsom
Bookings can be made 24 hours on 24 and 7 days out of 7! And this is the most innovative aspect: for the first time will be maximum flexibility and anyone will finally have the opportunity palladio folsom to manage their commitments as they see fit. The operators are all qualified and have a strong background in the field of domestic cleaning. How did the idea of EasyFeel
The idea of EasyFeel palladio folsom came three students made off in Milan one night finding their apartment palladio folsom in unforgiving conditions and having palladio folsom no contact of domestic cleaners have posted an advertisement on the internet. Within a few weeks received more than a thousand answers many of which that palesavano family situations of severe economic insecurity: from this moment arose the will to act and try to allow everyone palladio folsom a dignified existence.
As stated during a recent interview by the three young "We must ensure that all those interested palladio folsom in working with entrepreneurial spirit and the will of mind to be able to choose when to test themselves, to go beyond the outdated subordination dismayed by a spirit of self-denial and truly be advocates of their own destiny! We want to provide them with the highest number of job opportunities without depriving the free will to choose which opportunities to seize. We realize what our project is ambitious but we have read in the eyes of the people contacted a great desire palladio folsom to win this challenge and it was their enthusiasm palladio folsom that gave us the charge higher. "
About Luca Luca Adam Adam graduated with honors in Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Florence and is a doctoral student in Computer Engineering, Multimedia and Telecommunications, palladio folsom in the same faculty. Its technical expertise include software development, is oriented to the web and desktop in C / C ++ and Java (J2EE, J2SE, J2ME), the administration of Unix-based machines, the management of telecommunications networks, and the design of relational databases.
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