Wednesday, November 19, 2014

1 1 Atlantis Fantasy

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Chefville: Save space with the new marine Pike! We've just introduced this new ocean we already have another scoop for you! Pike Marine will happen in our restaurant house cleaning services to give us a series of 3 new missions that will allow us to save space by getting the dock fishing area We will also have to build a fisherman and you will find all the materials Building on our 1: 1!
"Hey! I really thought he saw a shark fin near the coast, next to the fishing pier ... but I just had to have a dust in the eye. "Visiting 10 neighbors to follow house cleaning services the shark 9 Prepare gnocchi house cleaning services dishes to return the shark Have 305 stars to unlock the control fishing pier
"You know, this place seems as perfect as the sea for a fisherman. I think I myself will anchor here ... for a little while. I thought let this fisherman to have a view of the sea. "Unlock Pier fishing zone Finish fisherman Prepare 4 times prawns
"I spent the day fishing. Ah, the sea gives me wings, you know? And the crew is not that bad. However, we are hungry. house cleaning services Could you cook the catch of the day? "Owning one star master kung pao shrimp to Serve 3 pancakes vegetarian breads prepared in the brick oven Owning 315 stars to unlock Master Crab Creek
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1 1 Atlantis Fantasy

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