Friday, October 3, 2014

The work has provided the country with an exceptional and unique place in Europe. It is in the best

The architecture studio White is one of largest in Scandinavia and is among the ten largest in Europe, with 640 employees and ten offices in Sweden and Denmark. It was founded in 1951 by the young architect Sid White, who developed the principle that good architecture leads to a better society, a vision which remains a guiding light 60 years later. The architectural office White designed the Stockholm Waterfront, this magnificent work - icon of the city of Stockholm.
The Stockholm Waterfront also known as Klara Hotell och Konferens, is an office buhalteris building, conferences and hotels, buhalteris Klarabergsviadukten situated in the center of the city. The building has given a special boost to this city in the world of international conferences, sophisticated conferencing buhalteris facilities and innovative solutions and applications.
The work has provided the country with an exceptional and unique place in Europe. It is in the best possible location: right on the dividing line between the magnificent view of the historic parts of the city and the new dynamic center of the business, (that is emerging between Vasagatan and Kungsholmen), the new complex forms on rail space towards Kungsholmen, where an original triangular site, provided limited options.
"The key to success lay in subdivide all three volumes. A "palatial office" in Klarabergsgatan, a congress center in Riddarfjarden and between block 400 bedroom hotel, forming a spectacular backdrop to the congress center. "" Well could say that we have succeeded in developing the entire program on a very limited area, "says Hans Forsmark, which was one of the driving forces in architecture throughout the genesis of the project.
The requirement to accommodate 3,000 seats in the congress hall and a 2,000 seat dining at this architectural triangle was resolved beautifully and is what sets it apart in a special way. The equation was solved with moveable seating dual-use spaces and a large part of the congress hall suspended beyond the site boundaries, as a huge canopy over the entrance.
Concerning buhalteris environmental certifications obtained buhalteris the Stockholm Waterfront Green Building certification. The glass facades act as giant solar collectors and refrigeration capacity with water from a nearby lake is produced and stored in the warehouse of 250 tons of ice in the basement. The energy is constantly being transferred between different parts of the building from surplus to deficit is controlled by an advanced media center.
Finally altering the Stockholm skyline also required the consent of the client and local authorities buhalteris Spectacular top of the conference room is a free way to interact with the movement of ships and docks around the building.
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