Thursday, October 16, 2014

The obligations of the lessor are recognized by

It will happen to everyone, at least when you take home to rent for the first time, in terms of running up to that time unknown. How many times on a lease we read the words tenant and landlord?
Are you a tenant or a landlord and you are about to sign a lease? Better to move into the world of vacation, you will definitely helpful to know that in the lease there are rumors that attest to the obligations of the landlord and the obligations of the tenant. Know it can be very useful, because their failure can lead to the termination of the contract and even the eviction, as are the general conditions established by law. If you are about to conclude a lease here is what are the obligations of the conductor: you have an obligation to serve the property for the use specified in the contract; you must return the property el cajon ca to the expiration of the lease in the state in which you received it, except for the deterioration resulting from the use and consumption; you have an obligation to pay the consideration to the periodic predetermined time, always respecting the terms of payment agreed upon; you have an obligation to respond to the loss and the deterioration of what occurred during the lease, even if caused by a fire, if it is proved that they are occurring for reasons not attributable to the lessee; You need to ask permission from the landlord in case you want to make changes to the property. This is to prevent el cajon ca the lessor at the end of the lease, claiming that the property back as it was before. Unless you have asked for, and obtained, prior consent of the landlord, the tenant has no right to ask him to pay the costs incurred for improvements; emergency repairs can be carried out directly by the tenant, unless redeemed by the lessor, provided that he be given contextual communication.
These obligations are laid down by 'art. 1587 of the Civil Code. If you are, however, a home owner you need to know what obligations you belong towards the conductor from the moment el cajon ca you sign the lease contact: Handing over the keys of the house to the tenant only after the conclusion of the lease. Ask for the security deposit for the payment of rent and any damage. Inquire about references conductor and verify their solvency. Intestare utilities (gas, electricity, water, solid waste, etc.) to the conductor. Registering the contract and split the costs of registration in equal parts with the conductor. Within 48 hours of submitting the complaint of building transfer to the competent el cajon ca authorities. Prohibit the sublease el cajon ca to a fee higher than that paid by the tenant. Do not accept contract proposals related to the eight-year term prescribed by law (foresterie el cajon ca fictitious, use transients, etc). Inquire with accuracy el cajon ca on properties whose leases may be entered into only pursuant to the provisions of the Civil Code. Be assisted in the drafting of the contract by a professional.
The obligations of the lessor are recognized by 'Article 1575 of the Civil Code. To avoid mistakes and make sure that the lease is in good standing is always better to rely on a 'competent real estate agency specializing in the lease. In this case, it will be their real estate agent, acting as a mediator, to take care of all the practical tasks, legal and bureaucratic to the negotiation and conclusion of 'deal. Very often with the "do it yourself" you are likely to run into owners who do not regularize the contracts and ask for the rent in black. A little 'what happens to the rental of college students when looking for a home away from home, who find themselves having to pay exorbitant prices for a single room. In Milan, for example, for a single room takes about 450 per month in Rome 600 for a bed, a little 'less expensive is Bologna, and moving to the south are the cheapest rents in Pescara where for a room individual requires approximately 300 and 200 for a double. If you want to deepen this argument and find the most expensive cities read the post "Rent college students: empty pockets and contracts do not exist."
I received a notice from the agency of the revenue, for failure to pay 112T - I was the tenant el cajon ca - as I show that the money I gave them to the owner? The notice will also come to him? The figure is the total or ask me my part? It is up to me to pay? Delete Reply
Hello, first of all thank you for contacting us and asked for our help. To prove the payment must have come receipts. The notice on the part of the Revenue will be st

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