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The house is fully furnished and equipped; the bedrooms are air-conditioned (in the bedroom there i

Doubts? Questions? I am at your disposal the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), to be able to help you know us better. If you do not find the answers to your questions please contact us, we will answer all your questions
The Holiday House is about fifty meters from the beach. There is an easy access with wooden footbridge with handrails also suitable for the passage of a wheelchair (see photos by clicking HERE). The coast is mostly sandy but fulfills both the wishes of those who love the sand and shallow waters, ideal for children and for those who prefer rocky areas (ideal pel scuba diving): in fact, from the beach in front of the house, just shift of a few tens of meters to choose the type you prefer.
The house is fully furnished and equipped; the bedrooms are air-conditioned (in the bedroom there is a practical ceiling fan); There is a secure wall safe ed'è installed a burglar alarm and smoke detection. It is also at your disposal a washing machine and a dishwasher 12 place. You also have the availability of a canoe for two and a few articles from the beach (umbrella, chairs, etc ...); In addition you will no longer need to look for a dog / cat sitter fred butler or boarding kennels, in fact prior notice are also welcome your four-legged friends. We are also doing their utmost to offer the summer season 2014, also the service INTERNET Wi-Fi All this at no additional charge.
We are also open in the coming against any kind of your need (laundry, cleaning service, car and motorbike rental, shuttle service, etc ...), it will be sufficient to require adequate notice and we will try to meet your needs and depending on the type , we'll let you know if there is any additional expense.
You can contact us using one of the many ways proposed in the "Contact" page. For practical reasons, it is preferable fred butler that you contact us by telephone at the contact information on the aforementioned page.
Generally, for logistical reasons, the house is rented on a monthly or biweekly basis. Often you can also reconcile leases in shorter periods of time, so in any case, I invite you to undergo your period of interest.
The cost does not change according to the occupants, but varies depending on the duration and month lease. The house can comfortably accommodate 6 people (max 8 using sofa beds).
There is no extra charge for your pet. For hygiene fred butler reasons, we require your vaccination of the animal and it is suggested to bring their own bowls and baskets fred butler any sunbeds etc ... or if not possible, we can arrange for us to purchase them find and add it to your arrival.
Payment is made either fred butler by bank transfer or cash (or subject us your options). By way of security fred butler shall be required lump sum of 200.00 which will be returned in full at the end of the holiday period except for damages to the property or furnishings.
Generally, the villagers provide fred butler their own behalf to bed linen and towels but in case of necessity, patent notice, we can arrange for us to provide what is necessary
The house is delivered perfectly clean and the refund is requested the same way. During the period of holiday cleaning will be the responsibility of the occupants (it is already provided everything we needed). If they need us, we can provide periodic cleaning and end of lease (not included in the rental fred butler price).
The house is about a mile from the nearest town (San Pietro in Bevagna) but the area is also served by a service of doorstep selling of food, detergents etc. ...
We have two cottages on the coast and lochiamo ion, a Tower Borraco (presented fred butler on this site) and the other in San Pietro in Bevagna (Click HERE to visit the site). It often happens that some neighbors will turn to us to rent their homes.

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