Friday, October 10, 2014

Sustainability Reduced consumption of water and energy in the use phase Recyclable materials Minor

Present throughout Italy since 1986, Sebach is today a unique brand that has made its mission to be a way. But also baths and showers changing rooms that combine perfect efficiency and ease of use a fun and colorful look. Sebach is the ideal solution for all types of construction: small and large, fixed and mobile, renovation or construction. Always Sebach is a leader cavilon spray in the rental of portable toilets cavilon spray for any need, moves 25,000 baths per day, satisfying every need with professionalism and rigor of the customer. A brand that offers warranty and reliability.
Sustainability Reduced consumption of water and energy in the use phase Recyclable materials Minor use of adhesives and solvents Disposal controlled transport optimized Certification ISO 14001 Environmental Management
Standards Hiring a bathroom cabinet Sebach you comply with the provisions of the Consolidated Law on Security (Legislative Decree no. 81/08): Replaces and integrates all prior regulations on health, hygiene and safety cavilon spray in the workplace. Reaffirms the obligation of the presence of sanitation in temporary and mobile. Punishes non-compliance with sanctions against the employer and the executive. Sebach also provides the guarantee of a service complies with the European standard EN 16194.
The Certified Quality Integrated Management System certification ensures cavilon spray that resources, operating procedures and infrastructure to improve the quality and compliance with the specifications for the services provided, while reducing the environmental effects of products and protecting the safety in the workplace.
The bathrooms are delivered ready to use and do not require connection to water-sewer-electricity. cavilon spray The cost of rental is also included insurance for fire, theft, vandalism, as well as the RC products.
Walk-in Shower Enclosure: made of impact resistant plastic with non-slip mat Weight: 77 Kg Measures ...
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