Friday, October 17, 2014

Some areas owned by the City who have not used will soon be converted into urban gardens and this t

They will have a size of between 80 and 120 square meters and will be allocated according to specific criteria: privileged and elderly tile cleaning residents in long-running bust. The first two areas to Borsano and Sacconago
Some areas owned by the City who have not used will soon be converted into urban gardens and this time the City is serious about certain timing, allocation procedures defined and qualitatively good land for cultivation. The initial project of agricultural oasis, dated 2011, but there is not much to Palazzo Gilardoni admit that it is better to take one step at a time. In recent weeks, in fact, the council (as we told you) has approved the general guidelines for the allocation of municipal tile cleaning areas leased to private tile cleaning because you realize gardens, ranging in size between 80 and 120 square meters., Intended for the production and family consumption. The demand for space to grow and there has increased in recent years, at least 5 or 6 questions that come every week and all'Agesp while before the elders were looking for a hobby to ask, are now fathers and mothers About 40-50 years. A win-win for both the administration and citizens, from momentoche individuals will be able to ensure fruit and vegetables grown independently, and the municipality will lighten the costs of cleaning and maintenance of these areas, introitando also the rent. The fragmentation of the areas acquired over time makes it extremely difficult tile cleaning and expensive for the city each cleaning and maintenance such as trash removal or frequent interventions related to the elimination of weeds. Two areas, tile cleaning until now, been identified: a plot to Borsano in via Pallanza and one in Sacconago tile cleaning via Acerbi (failed to Beata Giuliana because not suitable, ed) for a total of 5000 square meters divided into 60 allotments. The allocation to citizens thus allows a greater economic value of themselves, but you will start over: a day will be presented with the invitation to participate and only from that moment you will be able to submit your application. Within a short time the land will be assigned: tile cleaning "In time for the salad but not for tomatoes" - puts his hands on the commissioner of public works Reguzzoni. To emphasize the social function taken from the gardens tile cleaning as part of the allocation procedures, the Administration will give priority, among the residents, those particularly tile cleaning affected by the economic crisis, tile cleaning such as pensioners, single-income families, the unemployed and people without any financial support through a ranking scores. The municipality also provides tile cleaning for the allocation of areas compared to a minimum annual fee (80 euro cent per annum + 0.50 for each additional square meters, ed) with actual payment from the third year of the lease, in order to allow users to amortize the costs related to the management of the garden, in particular that of the fence the area assigned. The initiative therefore aims to ensure a form of support to particular groups of people and to further strengthen the link between the city and its citizens by encouraging the use of the communal areas by families for years residing in the municipal area, as well as the lack of availability of usable space for exclusive use. Agesp Servizi Srl resulted in the award criteria (residence in the town of Busto Arsizio, the presence in the household partner of incapacitated tile cleaning persons, age, characteristics of the dwelling of residence, tile cleaning income). The same Agesp handle the procedural process of assignment tile cleaning (public notice, approval list, signing the lease with carers tile cleaning and activities related to them). A public notice will be published shortly and will consist of a list: The assignment will be in simple lease contract with a total duration of nine years, tile cleaning with priority for renewal before the deadline, as long as it retained the requirement of residence in the town of Busto Arsizio.
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