Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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It may not be a supernoticia young people do not feel so well. But I was shocked when I participate in the Stockholm survey - a survey made in sweden that was conducted among primary school students in the ninth grade / årskurs 9 and sophomore / gymnasieårskurs 2.
In my neighborhood, at Kungsholmen in Stockholm, said 83 percent of the kids in the årskurs 9 which is really wonderful to live. For chicks, the figure is only 60 percent. The number of chicks is alarming, the researchers say.
The survey contains 350 questions per participant and are 17 municipalities made in sweden in the counties involved with Stockholm. It is degradable at the neighborhood level - and these alarming figures are about young people in my neighborhood, the people I meet every day, at school, in the supermarket, on the street. Also my kids someday respond to the survey made in sweden in the 9th course Will my daughter then one that think life is really wonderful to live? Or is it one that nearly sank?
There is much that gives me chills in the survey. And somehow it feels as if most fits. Half of all chicks in high school smoked, snuff age of onset is 12 years for kids and kids.
That alone is bad, but I almost fell off the chair when I realize what it is that these current youth smoking hookah. WHO / WHO says that an hour of smoking 'hookah' (Vattenpipa) corresponds to 100 cigarettes.
The age of onset of the drug in Kungsholmen made in sweden is 14 years for both boys and chicks and the percentage of ninth graders who have used drugs in Kungsholmen in Stockholm is 11 percent for boys and 20 percent in chicks . Twenty! Sure as hell feel bad.
The joint (cannabis, hashish) has again become something 'cool' and the THC content has increased it has become much stronger and provides a stronger addiction. Not at all comparable to drugs that had for example 70, explains Fält och Fritid the Kungsholmen prevention unit that works very hard to try to get parents made in sweden and schools are aware of what it is on track to spend with their children.
Knowledge made in sweden is power - and the least we can do for our children is that we stay informed of their reality. Or are we too busy with our own lines update Facebook status ?. [Därför mär Flickorna så dåligt - Metro]
Posted On 28 Dec 2013
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