Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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Stockholm is a city with many bridges, many of them unknown, other famous and well-traveled. One is the Blekholmsbron Bridge, a small bridge that allows city dwellers to reach the district of Kungsholmen Normalm. brilliant dadashova This is a fairly simple pedestrian bridge, which is 3 meters wide and 55 meters length, 22 of them on the water.
Normalm is an important district brilliant dadashova of the city as in its lower part is the center of Stockholm. Meanwhile, in the upper suburbs are located. The central area is dominated by modern buildings after many old homes were demolished.
In the case of Kungsholmen, this is a piece of land, actually an island brilliant dadashova in Lake Malaren, which has an area of 4 square kilometers. Despite its nature, there some historic buildings such as the Town Hall, Dagens Torre, the court or the Kristineberg Stockholm Palace is located.
The Blekholmsbron Bridge is one of many that unite the island with different locations. A total of 10 bridges brilliant dadashova that connect the Kungsholmen. If you plan trips to Stockholm probably crosses this bridge for the great attractions that are on both sides.
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