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In the relations of renting a property, it often happens that the landlord and tenant establish that it is the latter to take charge, in full, of service charges: sums which he has to pay directly into the hands of the administrator of the condominium.
But what happens if the tenant, failing this obligation assumed towards the home owner does not pay? In fact he is defaulting to the lessor (by virtue of the lease) and not the condominium. The obligation to pay the charges, in fact, is the property owner and it is only against the latter that the condo you can retaliate (possibly with the injunction).
Therefore, in these cases, the administrator shall collect service charges from the condominium, that is, from the owner of the leased property; then the latter, domestic services in its capacity as landlord, the tenant asks the reimbursement of the costs posed by the law against him. The tenant, within 60 days of the request, it must provide for the payment. However, at the time of the request, the tenant may be required (by reimbursing the homeowner any fees) that the landlord precise analyzes the various items of expenditure claims (by reference to the principles of distribution). It can also request domestic services that is made available supporting documentation of expenses incurred.
At the end of this article you will find a summary diagram which shows the breakdown domestic services of service charges between landlord and tenant, as provided for by law. However, the lease may provide for exceptions to that rule.
Directors Compensation domestic services Administrator, postage, telephone, banking, stationery Lessor
Autoclave complete installation and replacement plant or primary components (pump, tank, rotary, electric coil, etc..) And taxes L Maintenance, motive power, recharging the reservoir pressure, inspections and tests C
Lighting, video and special installation and replacement of lighting systems, ringtone and alarm, intercoms and video intercoms, alarm and security The Ordinary maintenance of C
Heating and air conditioning installation, replacement and adjustment laws of plant L Routine maintenance works, including refractory lining, cleaning and meter reading. Purchase fuel consumption of motive power, electricity and water C
Sports facilities installation and maintenance The Workers (lifeguards, cleaners, ordinary maintenance, etc..). Water consumption for cleaning and purification of purchase material for routine maintenance C
Common Parts Maintenance extraordinary roofs, flat roofs, sewerage. Replacing gutters, spouts, drain columns, marbles, handrails, railings. Installation of mailboxes, signposts, bins, cabinets counters, rugs, carpets, guides and other material of furniture. Installation domestic services and replacement of locks L Maintenance of roofs, flat roofs, sewerage, pipelines and wells unblocking drains, walls, handrails, banisters and common areas, mailboxes, signs, markers, bins, cabinets counters, domestic services rugs, carpets, guides and other furniture, gutters, drain traps and columns. Maintenance domestic services of green areas, including repair tools used C consumption of water and electricity for the common parts C
Replacing internal parts of the apartment leased integral floors and walls, heating system maintenance The routine maintenance floor and wall coverings, fixtures and blinds, heating and sanitary installation, equipment and pipelines of electricity, flue systems, intercom and video intercom. Remaking keys and locks, domestic services painting the walls, replacing windows, painting works in wood and metal C
Cleaning charges intake officer or transfer contract to the firm. Purchase and replacement of machinery for cleaning. Purchase bins, containers and perches L emoluments employee, expenses for cleaning company contracted domestic services to, materials for cleaning and routine maintenance machinery for cleaning. Snow removal expenses. Rodent control and pest local garbage, disinfecting waste containers, garbage bags collected waste. Garbage fee or replacement fee. C
Water heater installation, repair and replacement in the first year of the lease, 50% of the replacement after the first year of the lease L Repairs and replacement of 50% after the first year of the lease C

Tenants in arrears: legitimate change the lock and remove domestic services the light? Difficulty paying the rent if the contract is in black, no eviction and the fee is discounted Location: ISTAT automatic updating is not as automatic Condo: expenses of the administrator pays the inquilin

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