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In the type of contract or agreement agreed also includes short-term ones facing college students r

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Looking for a house for rent how to do? Types of contracts to support expenditures: an owner or tenant? When the contract expires: renewal, termination or eviction Useful Information Local links Looking for a house for rent how to do?
The search for an apartment to rent can be difficult at the beginning, but it is always better to make attempts at autonomy before contacting a real estate agent, whose commissions are, in principle, quite expensive.
Here are some tips on how to proceed: to do a patrol around in your chosen area looking for any ads placed on the door of the stable; visit sites that specialize; take a look at bulletin boards for announcements at university and at the counters information centers; carefully read newspapers and magazines, publishing remove blood stains ads from both private individuals and agencies.
If the search does not lead to results, you can turn to a real estate agency. An agent will act as an intermediary, putting in contact the owners with prospective tenants. In addition, he or she will assist the parties in the performance of legal obligations, such as the conclusion of the contract.
At the end of the negotiations will be up to the intermediary a fee, which is usually 10-15% of the total contract. Since there is no law that states the amount of the commission, it is always best to inquire in advance to avoid incurring excessive demands.
Attention to never sign of the modules in which the customer is bound for a certain period to the agency (the so-called assignments), because in this case it would not be possible to address simultaneously also to other intermediaries. It is advisable, therefore, to provide only the personal data and any preferences related to area of residence.
The Law 431/1998 [1] states that the lease of buildings remove blood stains used as dwellings can only be of two types: a free market with a duration of four years, renewable for another four (also known as "4 + 4"); agreement with duration of three years renewable other two (also called "3 + 2").
The contract agreement is the result of a negotiation between remove blood stains the organizations of owners and tenants, so the proposed fee is usually lower (or calmierato) compared to that of the free market. By law, these contracts can not be shorter than what is indicated, remove blood stains as would be considered null and void. After the first period (4 years for the first three years for the second), the contract is automatically renewed unless the landlord does not need the apartment to use as a home or professional studio for himself or for his spouse , children or siblings. This possibility must, in any case, communicated well in advance (at least 6 months before the expiry of the contract) by registered letter.
In the type of contract or agreement agreed also includes short-term ones facing college students remove blood stains away from home - lease for students - and transient workers - lease of a transitory nature. In the first case, the duration varies from 6 to 36 months remove blood stains and the agreement may be signed either by an individual remove blood stains student by both groups of students, or by companies for the right to study. It is forbidden to sublet; if a student remove blood stains is absent for a period of time (eg summer remove blood stains holidays) and do not want to leave her empty room, may submit to the owner a notice of partial sublease space, or sublease of that part of the property to another person, AFTER HAVING HAD THE CONSENT FROM LANDLORD. In the second case, instead, the duration varies from 1 to 18 months.
Once entered into the agreement, you must deposit two copies of the contract signed and come with a stamp at the provincial offices of the Territory [2]. The registration request, which must be submitted no later than 20 days from the signing can be done by the landlord or by the tenant, who are responsible for the payment of registration divided into equal parts. Payment can be ef

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