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In this regard, even the Chamber of Accounts of the Lombardy Regional Section, in the opinion flore

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if Codest body was about to submit plans for the construction florence arizona of service, as per directive of the Office florence arizona for Family and Social Affairs and Labour, dated July 26, 2013, published in the Gurs n. 39 of 23 August 2013, we would like to mention that the Consolidated Law on Safety in the workplace (Legislative Decree no. 81/2008) requires the presence of adequate toilet florence arizona facilities for the workers, otherwise the imposition of criminal sanctions (see. Art . 96, paragraph 1, lett. a) and art. 159, paragraph 2, letter. c).
Therefore, given the temporary nature florence arizona of the aforementioned sites, compliance with this requirement can be satisfied with the location and drain-cleaning of bathrooms eco-friendly furniture that according to 'Annex XIII of Legislative florence arizona Decree no. 81/2008 and the UNI EN 16194: 2012 (Requirements for the products and services florence arizona necessary for the use of portable toilets and related health care products), shall be provided at the rate of one unit every ten workers (two, if present workers of both sexes), with a drain-cleaning operation florence arizona every week.
The use of MEPA is needed for the acquisition of goods and services under the EU threshold, including acquisitions in economy governed by Article 125 of the code of contracts; what was enshrined in Article 1, paragraph 450, of Law 296/2006, as it has been modified by the two rules on the spending review of 2012 (see. art. 7, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree 52/2012, converted into Law 94/2012, art. 1, paragraph 149, L. 228/2012), where it is so provided:
"Without prejudice to the obligations and faculties' referred to in paragraph 449 of this Article, other public authorities referred to in Article 1 of Legislative Decree florence arizona 30 March 2001, n. 165, for purchases of goods and services in amounts below the threshold of Community importance are obliged to have recourse florence arizona to the market of electronic public administration or other electronic markets established under the same article, or 328 on the computerized system made available by the Central Regional reference for the performance of procedures. "
Where the standard states that "purchases of goods and services below threshold", it also refers to purchases that can be made in the economy, florence arizona according to Article 125 of Legislative Decree no. 163/2006, including, therefore, the direct assignments.
On the other hand, this requirement has also been reiterated by the Court of Auditors - Lombardy Regional Section, in its Opinion No. 92 of 18.03.2013, florence arizona when it was clear that "the question here advanced has an easy solution in the same littera iuris, as the same art. 328, c. 4, letter. b) of the Implementing Regulation provides for the possibility to purchase florence arizona goods and / or services below the EU threshold resorting to procedures for purchase in economy, ex art. 125 ff. Leg. ......... 163/2006. In other words, purchases in economics must be depleted and must be carried out within the electronic markets; then the art. 328 Reg. Includes acquired in the economy ... .l'avvenuta acquisition of goods and services in a manner different florence arizona from those provided by the new art. 1, paragraph 450, by common demographic of any size, on the anniversary of the conditions for the use of MEPA, inficierà the contract florence arizona entered into pursuant florence arizona to the provisions of art. 1, paragraph 1 of Law 135/2012 resulting in the related florence arizona responsibilities. ......... ".
The obligation of recourse to MEPA is also planned for the municipalities, florence arizona in fact, pursuant to art. 1, paragraph florence arizona 2, of Legislative Decree no. 30.03.2001 n. 165 refers to other public florence arizona authorities, "" all the authorities of the State, including institutions and schools florence arizona of all levels and educational institutions, companies and government florence arizona departments to an autonomous, regions, provinces, municipalities, Communities' Mountain. and their Consortia and Associations, Institutions Universities, Institutes Autonomous Public Housing, Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture and their associations, all of the non-economic public bodies at national, regional and local administrations, businesses and institutions the National Health Service Agency for Collective Bargaining public administrations (ARAN) and the agencies referred to in Legislative Decree of 30 July 1999, no. 300 (until the revision of the rules governing the sector, the provisions of this decree shall continue to apply to the CONI). "
In this regard, even the Chamber of Accounts of the Lombardy Regional Section, in the opinion florence arizona quoted above, has also clarified the obvious consequences of the action dall'inottemperanza

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