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The regulatory landscape relating to real estate French, and especially Parisian, is extremely dense and varied, there are many indeed the interests that the Legislature must protect and coexist: just think of the often difficult relationship between landlords and tenants, carpet cleaning denver to the diverse needs of a student or a couple with children, the need to protect the most vulnerable tenants (mostly foreign students and temporary workers), without penalizing over how the real estate market, etc ...
The person who is in a position to enter into a lease agreement (contrat de location also said contrat de bail) will have three choices: rent to own good "naked" (no furniture), in furnished property (that is, with some furniture) or for tourist use. 1 The three definitions (vide, furnished property and touristique)
In the French legal system, there is no rule specifying what is meant by Location à vide (nue) or en furnished property, as the tourist lease the Tourism Code (Code du tourisme) states that it must be furnished properties (meublés).
- MEUBLE: an apartment can be rented en furnished property carpet cleaning denver if the tenant, carpet cleaning denver to be able to live normally, not be forced to introduce the essential elements such as bed, kitchen, table, chairs ... The heating, carpet cleaning denver running water and high loads must be present, even if the tenant may be required to enter into a contract on his behalf.
- TOURIST: property rented carpet cleaning denver as tourist residence, in addition to being meublés, should also lead to additional services (the Code du Tourisme speaks of prestations) and vary according to the level of accommodation carpet cleaning denver (internet access, maid service, linen etc. ...).
- VIDE: when you want to rent an apartment à vide, in fact we rent the walls more supplies of primary importance (water, carpet cleaning denver provision for electricity and possibly gas boiler and connection to the grid). 2 The normative bases
In general for tourist rentals and meublée are less pressing the need to protect the weaker party, that of the 'tenant, while the locations à vide is essential carpet cleaning denver to the protection of the tenant even at the expense carpet cleaning denver of the interests of the owner. However, apart from the inevitable variations in the three schemes provide for some common rules.
First, rents à vide, or furnished property must relate to a local tourism publication "decent", carpet cleaning denver that is "healthy" (at least 9 square meters per 1.90 cm of the ceiling, with windows, without the introduction of any kind such as water, carpet cleaning denver noise, parasites etc ...). and "safe" (comply with the regulations concerning the systems of users, static controls etc ...).
Also, besides the obvious, but unfortunately often violated the principle of non-discrimination on racial and social choice of candidate-tenant, during the period of the lease, the tenant is at home "own", meaning that the owner can not come in ' apartment without reasonable notice (usually carpet cleaning denver 48 hours) and for very specific reasons (visit in view of the new lease, work, etc. ..).
In the case of a lease of premises as a primary residence, the owner is obliged to hand over all the keys to the tenant. The violation of this principle, for example, a surprise visit on Sunday morning or worse in the absence of the tenant, may trigger a series of sanctions against the owner also of a criminal nature.
The Code of tourism is expected that the property will be furnished, which has made the subject of an administrative authorization, carpet cleaning denver and soon authorization by the other co-owners carpet cleaning denver of the building where the apartment is located (New Law "Access to housing carpet cleaning denver and urbanism in a renewed" or ALUR).
The contract must be drawn up in two copies, signed by both parties, and bring back a number of essential elements (price, term of the lease, down payment or deposit, condition of cancellation, upright carpet cleaning denver forecast of the tourist tax) or optional (deposit and conditions for its return, insurance, etc ...).
The contract shall be accompanied by documents on the description of the premises (which also covers the equipment of the apartment), risks "natural, technological and exposure to lead" and the energy classification. The contract may also be concluded through an agency, in this case the additional costs can be anticipated.
The legal regulation of rents in meub

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