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Hi, I turn to you for clarification regarding the opening of a structure receptivity of type "short lets." Unfortunately I can not find satisfactory information online and clear. Would you be so kind as to show me around (for Sicily) which practices to follow to realize this task. I would also get advice on other possible formulas adoptable in my case and possible constraints / rules to respect: - House property, on 2 floors (the first floor for rent only) - 3 double bedrooms. - 2 bathrooms - 1 living room Thank you in advance. Giuseppe Foti peppefoti New Forum Posts: 1 Joined: Mon May 7, 2012 5:49 pm
Locations with tourist purposes This particular type of lease is widespread in Italy because it is addressed to meet temporary housing needs tourism, with needs to live with the purpose of vacation in the so-called second homes. The leases of the houses for the holidays with tourist purposes are governed by the provisions of the Civil Code. Second homes are apartments that are used only during rest periods, such as weekends or holidays. It is therefore of apartments designed to meet a housing need not primary, in the sense that it does not apply to property in which a person and his family live normally and stably. The location tintoreria of second homes is a case of contract of lease of property for residential purposes for the sake of a temporary nature and occasional linked exclusively for tourism purposes. A lease for the demands of this nature always assumes that the tenant has at its disposal another property that adibisce in their own homes and who can meet their housing tintoreria needs primaries. It is very important to identify correctly this particular type of housing lease with tourist purposes, as for these types of lease is also to say that, if it had entered into a tourist rental simulated to escape the law, it must be assumed that the conductor can obtain the renewal of contracts legislation so-called free, ordinary tintoreria type of contracts to be considered in relation to contracts subsidized, controlled, affiliated. A second home is exclusively designed to meet a need for a different type, which is characterized by some important aspects: the insecurity, the voluttuarietà, the very limited duration in time and purpose to do. Aspects and fulfillment of lease obligations of the tenant, however, tintoreria are identified in the custody of the property, the obligation to comply with the rules of good neighborliness and condominium and responsibility for any damages that should cause all 'property to the furnishings tintoreria and facilities during the period of the lease, however, tintoreria to tourist and validity of the contract. Where the location of second homes for the owner does not constitute a real entrepreneurial activity, direct taxation of rents follows the rules of the income tax return for land in reference to 'Article 37 Tuir (text only income taxes) . This tax regime for leases must also remain unchanged for the taxpayer owner lessor that uses a real estate agency for the management of 'housing unit with the same purpose of the lease. In this case, the Inland Revenue has been expressed by resolution. 117 / E 2004 confirming that the amounts collected for the purposes of the lease payments are part of the tourist leases and remain in favor of the owner lessor in connection with the tourists / pipes. It should be noted, however, that the lease in general and in particular also the one with tourist tintoreria purposes, having to always respect tintoreria the written form, it is in any case subject to compliance with the rules relating to 'stamp duty referred to TUIB (text only stamp duty ) or electronic mark amounted to 14.62 every four facades written a maximum of 100 rows with page setup stamp use. Article. 1, paragraph 2, letter. c) of l. 431/1998 reads: "The provisions of Articles. 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 13 of this Law shall not apply: ... c) leased housing exclusively for tourism purposes. " The purposes

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