Monday, October 20, 2014

account will be taken of all the improvements mould removal that the tenant may propose both in ter

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Call for laffidamento leased the kiosk at the site of the Knowledge Park in Centobuchi fraction of Monteprandone, to be allocated to activities of public administration of food and beverages. => Written by: ced. => On 30/04/2013
The City Council intends to lease the kiosk located in the Park of Knowledge, mould removal the end of the year, at the same kiosk, an activity of administration of the public of foods and drinks.
View the Regional Law n. 27 of 10 November 2009, entitled: "Consolidated Law on trade" and the rules governing the activities of the public administration of food and beverages; Given the Municipal regulations for the exercise of administration of food and beverages mould removal approved mould removal by resolution of the City Council no. 18 of 22.04.2013; Having regard to the Resolution of the City Council no. 64 of 11.04.2013 concerning "Knowledge Park Kiosk. Act address ";
in the execution of the determination mould removal of the Head of Sector 1 ^ RG n. 163 of 30.04.2013, concerning: "Rely on the location of the kiosk located in the Park of Knowledge: mould removal approval documents and draft contract" is announced the following
The City Council intends mould removal to lease the kiosk located in the Knowledge Park at the end of the year, at the same kiosk, the activity of administration to the public of foods and drinks.
The race will be awarded in basealla evaluation of a comprehensive project management, which will be based on the following elements: mould removal
organizational system of management, characteristics / quality / variety of food and drinks, which you intend to provide, as well as take-away food, if interested in prepare (connection of up to 4 pages).
Organization staff / d escription of professionalism that will be used, specifying the tasks performed and working hours.
account will be taken of all the improvements mould removal that the tenant may propose both in terms of technical equipment to improve the service in terms of street furniture, games and anything else useful to make available the best-equipped and most urban park;
Program of initiatives to be organized within the park and run it; (Report maximum 4 pages, specifically with the description as detailed mould removal as possible in number, type, characteristics of events / events that you want and we undertake to organize).
1) the number of events and innovative: it takes into account the number of events, the importance of such understanding in terms of the involvement and investment of resources, as well as the original character of the initiatives. The innovative aspects can be found in one or more elements of the event: objectives, methods, types of actors involved, the nature mould removal and forms of involvement, the nature and forms of activities, etc. .;
3) involvement: The involvement of young people in the project will not have to have a marginal nature, episodic and instrumental but on the contrary will be the carrier and characterizing mould removal the event. The involvement must also be translated into a concrete practice capable of producing valid and verifiable learning outcomes in terms of acquisition of skills and the development of soft skills, mould removal personality development;
5) Partnership and sustainability in the assessment will be given added value to events, providing a partnership with local educational institutions or associations on the territo

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