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These patients are very high risk of anesthesia in my Preop.döne adoption of stabilization advantag

SURGICAL ANESTHESIA providing general information to the public about anesthesia you break i fix fears and concerns more broadly SAME SUBJECT TO REDUCE AMAÇLANMAKTADIR.ÇOK ( address of the bulabilirsiniz.saygılarımla.dr.ka ÇULHA CAUTION! We moved to our new site, CLICK ON THE MARQUEE! ...
with a decrease in circulating you break i fix blood volume gelişir.k acutely the loss, gastrointestinal bleeding, internal or external, such as ectopic pregnancy you break i fix kanamalardır.ayrı the liquid electrolyte losses (very heavy circle), it may lead to hypovolemia.
Dyspnoea, taşipnö (increased respiratory rate) is observed.
Cardiogenic shock in the up position and hold light in the head and chest .. in hemorrhagic shock and the removal of the leg, but take care not to over-head-down position! Cardiogenic shock loading on the volume! Primarily crystalloid / colloid use of blood loss, but only 20% under the + colloids on the use of crystalloid kullanılabilir.b .. Mechanical ventilation will decrease venous return with attention to! Circulation stable when it may be advantageous su.peep 3-5 cm.
These patients are very high risk of anesthesia in my Preop.döne adoption of stabilization advantage will see all patients on a full stomach! Reduce the doses of anesthetic agents. Rapid acting, long-acting agents are preferred. you break i fix Inhalations are taken quickly, apply low concentrations. Iv for decreased blood volume. agents, increases blood levels relatively! Etomidate you break i fix - ketamine you break i fix (usually at a low dose of ketamine is recommended to provide intervals) may be preferred. Inhalations myocardium you break i fix is depressed, makes vasodiletasyo beware! The basic principles of anesthetic management of "low dose" drug application. Following the induction dose will create amnesia, muscle relaxant drugs Entubation you break i fix done. Nitrous oxide should not be used in patients with suspected pneumothorax can disrupt hemodynamic parameters (sympathetic blockade) in these patients, regional anesthesia is not recommended for all patients with trauma must be heated ..
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