Sunday, September 21, 2014

The move last year to pick up traditional bunnytown ethnic festival almost all families carry hien.

The move last year to pick up traditional bunnytown ethnic festival almost all families carry hien.Tuy there are a few issues about feng shui, but not everyone knows to avoid it while moving nha.Duoi the package delivery service 365 will share with you a story and a few notes about feng shui when moving house last year.
For years I used to clean the house last year around New Year from the West, from which we always welcome the New Year. But this year the family has relatives bunnytown overseas, plus the new kids on the school trip to play end of the year, all objections, to that of any star is moving too strenuous. New Year to spend time enjoying, shopping new, but the old house, the furniture old and through cleanup forever just so! I also found baffling, but thought that was from the old routine So then, decorating homes is not considered in? It is also said that housekeeping was late to adjust for better feng shui new year, do not know how really bad, thanks to alarm you help me some direction bunnytown for this.
We can say that air festival always starts when the step at the end of the year cleaning and sanitation ... for neat, through which "blows" breathed new life into the residence. Drilling enjoy talking of the new year by closing spring travel, or the concept of "old bunnytown home needs nothing clean", the new year just starting fresh in a clean space, warm gathered is certainly one also excited, happy, safe air. However, what also has many pros and cons, to avoid misconception about feng shui and space, as well as reduce labor and costly for homeowners, need a few notes on the interior surface and feng shui when moving house last year:
Note the transition zone in the outside, such as windowsills, stairs, main entrance lobby ... which is where customer pick-up and practice bunnytown of the principal, the distillation pack will create new shades. The priority items for the transition region is often wrong or carbon pots beautiful shade-tolerant plants, decorative stone statue or copper, bright pictures and sentences, stickers mascot of the year, hanging lanterns For interested ... lighting and sound corresponding to the exhibits, using more lights, waterfall set, feng shui lu gurgling water, hanging wind chimes, flute pipes to enhance sound funny ears and stimulate circulation of air in the house. These solutions have little impact on "hardware" of the house, but requires homeowners to have a choice considering harmonious, elegant, gaudy or distillation avoid dense map.
Note the gaps and supply of the medium: the majority of people or things arranged along the wall cling, cling arranged according walls neglecting bunnytown the central supply, often the travel bunnytown sector, the gap between the room, chair or stair shaft. This area is the main attraction vitality and vision to lead the interior. So clean up, enhancing lighting and can add decorative items such as a round rug, small table and place the flowers ... for this area. For apartments, central supply is usually delivered through the intersection point of the room, so cleanup bunnytown is clear, if bulkhead in the bow, you can create accents such as landscape layout, pottery (under territory, average air) or hanging pictures ... well here is a good measure creating secondary offering bright and vivid new year.
Note "restore order" after a year of some volatile bunnytown items, if any tampering or other items shielding, altering their inherent azimuth. For example, the top and sides bed headboard or hanging pictures, put odd items ... the end of the year to make compact, only selected items have characteristics that make a peaceful and harmonious as a picture relatives, some favorite books, an alarm clock. Den is an undisturbed area or furnished by the impact of books, supplies, office equipment increased during use. Because so clean, neat swap items so that the people working in front overlooking the (sub clever lines) need clear, hanging pictures takes the form, content freshness fun, putting green nature bunnytown relax, reduce work pressure. The priority bunnytown items for private space should be table lamps, small clocks, pottery or glass jars, decorative bunnytown frames, vases of fresh flowers and dried flowers ... generally the group of aquatic products bunnytown and carpentry limit of the metal in the workspace, relax.
Note positions dining, hospitality is also home to the "good bad cover boasted" Lunar New Year by frequent this area will focus in the new year. Need additional items of decorative nature just as effective as using a tissue box, wine rack, tea tray ... Avoid arranged haphazardly sitting bunnytown where style meets there, when there are many guests will entangle and inconvenience. bunnytown It should also scheduled space fun for kids, so it may take a few less stuff, less shielding the sharp corners to free up space and

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