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Many people you break i fix feel tired with housework, while everyone in the family can barely do the whole job, including you break i fix your children. If this is not love your job, and you feel like a lone warrior in a job cleaning you break i fix houses. So you need to examine the reasons for how to get everyone in the family to work cleaning the house that you are no longer alone alone again. Together flit Reason # 1 way not true of everyone. You are the type of supervisor, and you're never satisfied with the results of the work of the people, which you absolutely can teach people how to work. You do not subjectively observed that the simple you break i fix tasks that are easy anyone can do what you like? You need a specific guide patency and step by step to complete a specific task, but when people understand the standard of work completed, they will choose the appropriate method for their work. This you should not worry if the results you break i fix remain as you like. For example, ask your husband to help clean the tub, the end result is clean and shiny tub that you do not need to be ok. Do not stand behind him and constantly you break i fix remind your dentist. At the same time you communicate the need to avoid generalities such as "Cleaning the toilet" which should have a more specific subjects such as the series "15 minutes to clean the house" and note the list of tools needed you break i fix to implementation. At that time people will understand and easy to implement better job. Reason # 2: They do not know how. Sometimes we forget that some of his work is very easy, but for others it's all a secret, one so they are very professional in their professional work, but very poorly in other jobs , especially chores. Guidelines work in conjunction with the requirements you need to do, step by step, monitoring and regular you break i fix support in the early days, and should stay away to seven dentists criticism. Everybody wants to be praised and recognized their work results rather than always receive reminders about points not reached. Reason # 3: It will be done eventually. Nothing happens when they do not do that. Considering the dynamics of the family members in the house-cleaning, with the reason you might be income, your husband you break i fix is to love his wife momentum ... For the first time people forget and this slow and normal, you do not need math to offline and pour la any responsibility on them in a house littered and dirty. Anyway they are liable you break i fix only have one or two tasks in the home. Finally, you break i fix you should regularly sit down with people and discuss their inconvenience you break i fix will occur when the job is not done, as no ironing weekend, you break i fix Monday will have to wear a frown to work, or will not sink clean bath to relax after a tiring day of work, will not have a meal when the table space is too cluttered. All work is always linked to better outcomes for the guidance you need to understand this problem, blame the people think your small business, do not do not. Reason # 4: People are too busy with their own plans. you break i fix If everyone in the family including you break i fix you are overloaded with their own plan, your tongue feels no pressure for family time. You can find opportunities from your family, if your family is always busy, why? When the family members need to reconsider the value of family and set priorities for each job. But you are not crawling over time relaxing and entertaining family. Van Giau
How to inform sink drains
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2013 (9) August (2) July (7) 4 reasons you're not helping the family clean the house, do t ... 15 minutes to clean the bathroom How to fix a leaking you break i fix shower How to fix water shower when the water spray main roads by water washing sink plunger 3 spatial plans renovated kitchen and bathrooms ... How to data sink drains jars ...

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