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The computer drives are often used to store data, but the data are not too many redundant or will never be used to make the drive in your computer narrow, so how to remove unnecessary things in your computer to your memory more open. Currently, there are many tools of the software company launched to help users frees hard disk space, but most are quite expensive and may not work as intended. Understanding the desire of users, Microsoft has equipped a number of modules for Windows tool helps the user to easily clean and quite freeing storage space for Windows. Computer repair center in the PC115 we would like to introduce to you the way chong.Cu ventilation can rapidly drive the tool are: 1 Use Windows data compression method to use format partition system is NTFS, and it provides compression features built quite "advanced", this feature will automatically proceed compressed files or data that the user little to increase the use of disk space hard. To perform data compression, open File Explorer up and move files or folders to be compressed. Right-click it and select Properties> Advanced, a dialog box will appear, you tick the "Compress contents to save disk space" and press OK's it. 2 Use Disk Cleanup Capital familiar to Windows users. Disk Cleanup will help you quickly clean up Recycle Bin, temporary files, and dozens of other file systems is likely to be the main cause of hard drive space usage. In order to launch this tool, you have access to Control Panel> Admin typed into the search box, select Administrative Tools> Disk Cleanup Then you choose the partition you want to clean and click OK. Disk Cleanup will proceed to calculate chemdry and display the information before chemdry you start work. After the whole process is finished, chemdry you will be transferred to the dialog of Disk Cleanup work. Here you click on the option to clean up and click OK to start the process. Often after running this application you will have to add a few GB of memory even there, especially those who have not served long storage device is liberated even bigger. 3 Find and remove software applications are not used to. When using the online application sometimes users often download software and install applications but do not use or rarely use. Because of this, the memory has increased computer for storage applications meaningless. Because of the fixed time, just about one month you should see the storage area of the computer to see if the application does not need to use it to remove. The completely eliminate simple, you just go to Control chemdry Panel -> Programs and Features. Then select the software to be deleted and click Uninstall, and waited a little bit of work you have completed. Computer repair center in the PC115 can support your online these problems, in addition to core services such as computer repairman, edit home printer chemdry and printer ink genuine we always support you whatever anything related to computers. If you need computer repair please contact us on our hotline: 091.5544.115 to be overcome fastest and cheapest Hanoi According Note: when purchasing contact Me through the cell is considered to be information on discount. chemdry
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