Saturday, September 20, 2014

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BRANDCO LAWFIRM - Brandco qualinet Law Firm is a leading consulting company qualinet in the field of investment advisory, accounting and financial advice, statement completion, clean up bookkeeping qualinet and financial reporting ... accounting year. for thousands of businesses in Vietnam.
These companies have enough books, but not much grasp of accounting law, tax law does not know bookkeeper doing the right thing or not? certainly want to know the status of tax accounting firms themselves how to work that can not be assured in receiving tax inspection teams to check any given time?
+) No books or available but not in accordance with regulations to cater for settlement of tax: When do the job tax accountant, bookkeeper in the enterprise can often rudimentary way, this estimate plus or minus in vouchers without setting any kind of books under regulations to implement the report. Or books, but due to the subjective, immaturity should be able to experience and do not match versus qualinet lack of reports filed; qualinet
+) Member's financial statements as vo-style, making roughly: Financial report not be made from the prescribed books, which makes off by plus or minus estimates should reflect the data reported finance is often misleading, not accurately reflect the actual qualinet incurred as documentation of existing enterprises.
Address: No. 1201 - Buildings N2D - Chinese urban areas - Nhan Chinh - Hanoi Tel: 043 556 34 88 - 043 556 34 89 - Fax: 34 89 043 556 (ext 208) Website: - Email: qualinet -
Address: No. 180 - Lung Dong Pho - The two An - Hai Phong City Tel: (84 031) 3804242 - hotline: 090.228.4446 Website: - Email: qualinet brandcohp @ gmail. com -
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