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Meanwhile, security levels according to subjective perception, ie the level of satisfaction with li

Vietnam Week Do not 'get rich first, clean up after the damage'
Vietnam has developmental level, how compared to other Asian countries, such as South Korea, perhaps? With this question, the first reflex is to go find our per capita income for comparison. GDP per capita of South Korea today is 26000 USD, Vietnam 14 times.
Introduced in 1932 by economist Simon Kuznets, it quickly had a spectacular career. In 1944 it became the international standard for measuring an economy. In 1978, the board's first international statistics, with data from more than 100 countries, allowing people to compare with other countries, as we have just done between daglivs Korea and Vietnam. In 1999, the Ministry of Trade and Industry announced the United States GDP is one of the greatest inventions daglivs of the 20th century to today, daglivs it is still the first and only of the most important are used to assess whether a government land how countries do business.
And there is also the root of the problem. According to the World Bank, the per capita GDP of Vietnam in 2013 more than half compared to 2009, but you can see your life up so much good or not? I bet not. In 5 years you can change is the motor, replaced the old armchair, buy one iPad, and family outings Singapore. However, daglivs compared with 5 years ago, every day you are inhaling smoke longer in the sea traffic jams at rush cars, trees and lakes in the city a few days away, open it up, all garbage and vultures on the edge identification envelope festival boss increasingly thickened, tax duties was to act to act.
Issues such as inequality, environmental pollution, violence, social injustice etc. .. does not appear in it. It is calculated that, if taking into account the environmental damage in China, annually, to downgrade the country's GDP to 3%. Laws of Brunei, the 5th richest country in the world by per capita income, allows stoning daglivs to death of homosexuals and adulterers. In Saudi Arabia, a rich country equivalent to Italy and New Zealand, women are not allowed to drive cars, not exit without accompanying men, and will be the first election in 2015 to . Do you want to live in the country "prosperity" that?
GDP does not reflect the full quality of life, or "level of development". Issues such as inequality, environmental pollution, violence, social injustice etc. .. does not appear in it. Photo: Long UK
More and more voices that work too obsessed with GDP leads us to an impasse in development philosophy. GDP race is a race astray. Sen. Robert Kennedy of the United States once said: "GDP does not include the beauty of poetry, the stability of marriage, the sharp of the debate, the integrity of the officials. It does not measure courage, wisdom, and commitment to our country. It measures everything, except what makes life worth living. " Most recently, in 2009, the Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, renowned termination request "neo-worship" of GDP.
According Bloc for Cooperation and Economic daglivs Development (OECD), the level of welfare (well-being) of the people is not only reflected in income, daglivs health, environment, education, security and quality, but also through public services and people's participation in community life. "Happy daglivs Planet Index" (perhaps best known to us because it put Vietnam into second place in the ratings, causing Vietnamese who mistook satisfied with life in the world's most categories) were calculated proportional to the average life expectancy and people's sense of security, and inversely proportional to the level of consumption of economic resources. Vietnam ranks high because the average life expectancy daglivs is high, the equivalent of Slovakia, while only consuming resources in third countries. This calculation daglivs punished developed countries (the United States ranked 105!) Because the level of energy they use.
Meanwhile, security levels according to subjective perception, ie the level of satisfaction with life in Vietnam stood at average, and in two thirds of Northern Europe. So to say that Vietnam ranks high in Vietnam this was not due to the "funny optimistic", "easily satisfied", "let go" as some newspapers have commented in recent years, but because they It was not many cars go, and although there is an urgent life but also the lives long return.
Movement towards happiness rather than run economic growth has reached a global level. Last year, the United Nations released the guidelines for the national measure "subjective wellbeing" of the people, a concept often broader understanding "happiness", including the self-assessment daglivs of the status mental and emotional people, and about "my life has purpose and meaning or not." According daglivs to this philosophy, a man sitting behind Lexus, but irritable, anxious, and been invaded by a feeling daglivs of emptiness, will be considered more unfortunate side cyclists, serene daglivs mood, and see it's what they do mean.
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