Sunday, September 14, 2014

In essence Google Services is not a service as shown in the battery test items. Google Services is

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The battery life is probably one of the headaches, the most difficult on the Android operating system. In addition to drain through open applications and services running in the background on your device also causes reduced battery life significantly. Unlike users often think that the third-party applications installed on the main causes affecting the battery life of the device, in fact, applications and services on default operating system is also one of the perpetrators mould remover are quietly occupied battery life significantly, one of which is Google Services.
The Android operating system provides default user tracking tool battery quite intuitive. Just visit Settings, select Battery is user can view a list of applications and services on the machine and its drain rate. Usually, the best part is the battery drain screen. Users can easily see "Monitor" was ranked highest in the list, similar to the biggest energy drain rate. Simply adjust the screen brightness and screen time off is that users can extend the battery life of the device quite a bit. However, apart from the screen, users can easily find another service drain poorly, mould remover and more surprisingly, Google's service, which is Google Services.
In essence Google Services is not a service as shown in the battery test items. Google Services is a set of basic services, Google mould remover makes the Android operating system can operate based on the most effective associated with these services. On the Android version 4.4.4, Google Services mould remover include the services such as:
- Google Account Manager: This service is responsible for synchronization of data related to Google accounts such as email or other data. - Google Service Framework: This service is responsible for the connection, Google-related communication, including messages are stored in the cloud. - Google Contact Sync: As the name implies, this service handles synchronization of contacts between storage mould remover devices and Google contacts. The sync is two-way so the user can add or edit contacts from Google and any changes will be updated on your device, similar to the opposite direction. mould remover
- Google Backup Transport: This service is responsible for the synchronization of application data on Android devices to Google's servers. This will be extremely useful for the user box to restore the original mould remover settings and can quickly restore data from applications installed.
- Google Play Services: This service is displayed each item independently of the control pin in the previous Android version, but was later merged into the Google Services. Basically, this is a class of service that allows Android applications can use. The most popular of which is the location-based services. This service is causing the most battery power of Google's services. Google Play Services can be updated independently without having to update the entire operating system.
When a certain application requires information about the location of the device, it will call the Google Play Services mould remover and the service will "awaken" the hardware to conduct accurate positioning mould remover of the device. Positioning process caused a lot of battery consumption and battery consumption all will be in Google Play Services statistics, not in applications that require mould remover location-based information.
To save battery power can be wasted by location services, you can access to Settings -> Location and conversion option in the "Mode" to the "Power Saver" . This setting will prevent Google Play Services Hardware awakened when an application mould remover requests for location information. In case you want to locate totally off, you absolutely can be done here and can adjust to the choice of "high accuracy" in case of need accurate information about the location of uses later.
Google mould remover Now is also a culprit drain quite "horror" on Android because it constantly mould remover send requests for placement through mould remover Google mould remover Play Services to provide better service to users. However, in Vietnam, Go

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